Chapter 31: Skylar's birthday

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Grace's pov:

Three months later*

I woke up this morning by some contraction. The first time i had them i was scared. I had Xavier called the doctor to ask what was happening. Thankfully it was normal.

For some night i couldn't sleep well. Xavier would rubbed my back and my lower stomach so that i could sleep.

When Skylar got to know about that, she gifted me a pregnancy pillow. This  pillow is damn comfortable and i got used to it immediately. It was of  a great help but even then i would woke up with some contraction.

I sat down and breath in and out. Just like the doctor said. Tonight Ryan planned a surprise party for Skylar as it was her birthday.

"You ok?"

I turned and saw a sleepy Xavier looking at me. It was 6 am and yesterday he came late.

"I am fine. Go to sleep its too early." I said and he nodded closing his eyes. I kissed his cheeks before walking to the toilet. I did my business and dress up. My bump was more big and many clothes stopped fitting me.

I wore a simple outfit which consisted of a shirt and a sweatpants. I walked downstairs and made breakfast. I made some eggs and some apple juice. Those were the baby favourite.

During the weeks, Skylar and i had planned to buy some clothes for the baby but since I still have to wait 2 more weeks before my baby shower ,i told her to wait two more weeks so that we know exactly what to buy. Moreover Xavier and i had a nursery room to do.

"Morning." Xavier walked in and pecked my lips.

"Hmm apple juice." He said and i chulcked.

"Morning to you too." I said.

"I have to go to the office today. I will come early because we have to go to Ryan's place." He said and i nodded.

"You know what to wear right?" He asked and i rolled my eyes.

"I will wear the outfit you bought." I said and he nodded satisfied by my answer.


It was already 6 pm and i was getting ready. Xavier was in the shower as he just got home after a long day of work. Sometime i feel bad that he had to wake up to rub my back.

 Sometime i feel bad that he had to wake up to rub my back

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I put on a light make up and put some perfume on.

"Damn baby."

I turned and saw Xavier looking at me. He was wearing a black jean and a blue sky v shirt.

"I take that as a compliment." I said and he chulcked.

"Of course it is." He said and i side hugged him because of my belly.

"Let's go or we will be late." I said and he nodded.

We walked down and went in the car.


After 20 minutes, we reached Ryan's house. We entered in as Xavier knew around and found him and Xavier's parents in the living room.

"Grace" Amanda said walking toward me. I side hugged her too.

"Oh my my.. you are stunning with your baby bump." She said and i laughed.

"Thanks." I said and look around.

"Ok listen everyone. Skylar is coming in a few minutes. So turn off the lights and dont make a noise." Ryan said and everyone find place and remained silent. Xavier came beside me and wrapped his arms around me.

We waited for 5 minutes before Skylar and Ryan walked into the room. She jumped as the light turned on and everyone screamed


She smiled and thanked everyone.

"Happy birthday Sky." I said and hugged her.

"Thank you Gray." She said smiling "And slay in this outfit."

"Thanks." I said smiling.

"Babe i even bought you a cake." Ryan said kissing her cheeks.

"Well thanks you baby." She said as Ryan guided her infront of the table.

She cut the cake as everyone sing the birthday song. Ryan took some pictures and when that was over, both Ryan and Xavier put creams on her cheeks. She squealed and tried to escape but she was trapped.

"Oh my god guys." She said while we laughed. She took the tissue paper and wipe her cheeks glaring at them.

"You both are such idiots." She said and they rolled their eyes.

"Love you too babe." Ryan said and pecked her lips.

Ryan and Xavier cut the cakes and distributed it among us. The cake was chocolate and both the baby and i enjoy it.

It was late when the small party was over. We helped Ryan to clean up and Skylar went to keep her gifts in her room.

"I am tired and i have work tomorrow." Ryan said and Xavier chulcked.

"Same bro."

Skylar came back and she was looking nervous. She smiled at us as she went to hug Ryan.

"Well before everyone leaves i have something to tell you." Skylar said and we nodded.

"What is it?" Amanda asked curious and Nathan chulcked at her.

"Let her talk babe." He said earning him a glare from Amanda.

"Yeah so i have something to tell you all especially you Ryan." She said and Ryan looked at her confused.

"Say it babe. You are scaring me." Ryan said.

"I am pregnant." She said and we gasped. Ryan eyes widened and he froze.

Amanda and i went to Skylar and hugged her.

"Oh my god girl congracts." I said.

"Now i will have two grandchildren running around." Amanda said and we both chulcked.

Ryan came toward Skylar and hugged her.

"Baby i am sooo happy!" He said and Skylar chulcked.

"When did you know that?" Ryan asked still shocked

"Yesterday morning. I wanted to tell you but didn't had the courage too." She said and Ryan sighed.

"That's alright." He said.

"Well guess we both gonna be dad soon." Xavier said and Ryan nodded still smiling widely.

"And i guess when we go shopping it won't be only for me." I said and Skylar blushed.

Just then i felt another contraction and i leaned in my seat. I breath in and out to ease it.

"I think we should leave. Grace need to rest and we all have work tomorrow." Xavier said and they nodded. I stood up and hugged them before leaving.



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