Chapter 5: Xavier's Pov

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Xavier pov:

I watched as Grace slept leaning on the window. I wanted to wrapped my arm around her but i did not want to rush things more than they were.

I know its difficult for her but hopefully she will adjust with me soon. Rick were not the one who put this contract... i was.

After noticing Grace at one of a meeting held at Rick office i wanted to know her but she did not noticed me once. She was always devoted in her work.

One day i was going to enter his father office when i heard shouting. I thought it was one of the employe but i was shocked when i saw it was Grace his own daughter. Grace stood there unaffected like it was a daily routine. Days later i found out that Rick was always like that with her always snapping and being rude.

Twice i came to the office and witness it myself. I was done seeing this. I told my dad everything and he helped me to put this contract on. My mom already hated her slutty mother.

I was more angry when my dad proposed the contract and Rick accepted immediately. Like he wanted to get ride of her sooner. During the dinner i had to control myslef from telling anything to Rick or Samantha.

It made me feel weird when i saw Grace force her smile and did not even talked during the dinner. My mom and dad yesterday told me that they were happy i chose Grace. They already like her. Like me they did noticed the strange behavour of Grace and knew i was not lying.

Today it got confirmed when i saw her calling those two mom and dad. Her smile was more real and she did not hesistate to talk to them or anything.

But now that i got her,she is going to get all the things she missed. I am going to change her sad life into a happy life.

"Am not gonna let you down." I whispered stroking her hair lightly.

She looked peaceful in her sleep. No worry no problems. She even looked cute in her outfit. I must admit that i did check her out when she came downstairs.


15 minutes of driving and being stuck in the traffic we reached my home. I move here when i started to take care of my dad business. I was getting used to live alone but now i am happy i got someone with me.

Even if Grace was forced into this i will try my best to make her comfortable here. She did deserve that.

I looked at her and she was still sleeping.

Should i pick her up or wake her up?

If i pick her up it could make her uneasy as she is not use to my touch yet. So i decided to wake her up.

"Grace." I said a bit louder and she stired. She slowly opened her eyes and groaned to the light. I chulcked still looking at her.

"We reached home." I said and she nodded. I stepped out of the car and she did as well.

"Bring all the bag in the room." I ordered the driver and he nodded.

"Let's go inside i will show you around." I said and she nodded.

" I said and she nodded

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