Chapter 13: First day

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Grace's Pov:

After packing up we made our way to my parents house. I had phone Martha to ask her the address. She was excited to hear that we were able to make it and that she will see me after so many days.

"We are here." Xavier said snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded and stepped out of the car. I took my bag and made my way to the front door. Xavier was following me behind and reached to take the bag.

"I can take it." I said but he shake his head no.

"No i want to take it so give me." He said and i sight. I gave him the bag and ring the door bell. The door flew opened and i was attacked with hugs.

"Oh my god finally you came." Said Martha smiling.

"Let them inside honey then we will talk." Said Roger and we nodded. Xavier shook Roger's hand and was hugged by Martha tightly.

"Come on i will show you your room so that you can fresh up and put your things." Said Martha and we nodded. She walked up the stairs and we followed her. The house was not so big and no so small. It was cozy and really beautiful.

While walking to the room, i noticed many pictures hanged on the walls. Many were of me when i was a baby. My childhood pictures were always taken with Roger and Martha. They were the only one who spent most of their time with me.

"Here Sweetie." Martha opened the door and we entered in. The room was white with a shade of red colour. There was a window and a door by the side.

"Its cozy." Said Xavier and Martha chuckled.

"Yeah. We always wanted a house like that and we did got it." Martha said smiling. "Well i will leave you both to freshen up. I will be in the kitchen."

We nodded and she left closing the door behind her.

"You dont mind sharing a bed right?" I turned and saw Xavier sitting at the edge of the bed.

"Hmm no. Beside i dont think mom has another room free." I said and he nodded.

There was a knock on the door and then it opened. Roger came in and smiled at us.

"Kids when you are together here i would like the door to be open. No funny business is allowed in this house." Roger said and i felt my cheeks heat up.

"DAD!" I warned but he just smiled. Xavier chulcked and nodded.

"Dont worry sir the door will remain open." He said and i rolled my eyes.

"Call me Roger son. And when you both are done come downstairs Martha is preparing some cakes for you both." He said and we nodded. He went away letting the door opened. Widely.

"Sorry about that." I said and Xavier smirked.

"Its ok. This night seemed to be going to be fun." He said and i sight.

"Right for you." I murmured and he chuckled.

"Well lets go downstairs." He said and i nodded. We walked back down and i went in the kitchen while Xavier went in the living room where Roger were.

"Hey mom need any help?" I asked as i saw her busy preparing the food.

"No sweetie i am almost done." She said and i nodded.

"So how was your babysiting?" She asked and i sighed.

"Its was good. Lia and Jay were really friendly with Xavier and they both liked him. He even missed his work to play with them." I said and Martha chuckled.

"Thats good and what about your mother? Did she come to your place?" Asked Martha and i nodded.

"She did come. She was convincing Xavier to leave me and the contract to be with one of her chosen girl that can match Xavier's level." I said and Martha sight.

"This woman is seriously out of her mind." She said. I walked to the sink and started to wash the dirty dishes.

"Its not like i am not use to it though. What surprise me more was that Xavier was more in my favour than hers. Normally its the other way." I said lowly so that only Martha could heard.

"He is a keeper dear. You should really give a try for this relationship. I can say it will last long." Said Martha smiling.

"Yeah well i am giving it a chance." I said drying off the plates.

"Oh sweetie can you watch over these for me. I forgot i left the dryer on." She said and i nodded. She went out of the kitchen and i started to put the plates in their places.

I jumped as i felt an arm wrapped around my waist. Xavier chuckled pulling me back.

"Are you always this jumpy?" He asked amused and i rolled my eyes.

"No! You scared me." I said trying to put the plates in their places. It was quite difficult as Xavier was still holding me. I could not move as he stayed still.

"Can you leave me?" I asked turning to face him.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because i need to put these things in there place." I said and he shrugged not leaving me at all.

"Then do it." He said smirking.

"How? I need to move around to do it. Being glued to you won't help me you know." I said and he chuckled.

"Too bad am not letting you go." He said and i sighed. He smirk mischieviously and slowly ducked his head. His nose touched mine as he pulled me closer. I gasped holding on his shoulder.

"Now now not in the kitchen kids!"

We pulled away and found Martha smiling at us. I felt my cheeks heat up while Xavier just chuckled beside me.

"Can't help it." He said and Martha laughed.

"Not ashamed a little bit now are you?" She said.

"Not at all." Xavier chuckled and i rolled my eyes.

"Well we have lunch to prepare so can you leave my daughter alone for some minutes?" Asked Martha and Xavier nodded.

"Of course i will be with Roger." He said. Before leaving he turned toward me and pecked my forehead. He smiled going out of the kitchen.

"Now if you had finish dreaming about him can you help me dear?" Asked Martha amused and i rolled my eyes. I could not help but let the smile appeared on my lips.

Xavier is surely something else!



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