Chapter 3: The deal

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Grace's Pov:

Surprisingly dinner went good. Xavier did not talked much as he just answered the question he was being asked. I guess he is not the talkative one but who am i to judge. I myself remained quiet as i did not want my dad or Samantha to snap at me during this dinner. I only replied to Amenda and Nathan's questions.

"Martha clean up." Ordered Samantha and i clentched my fist. There was at least 20 dishes to wash and i am sure the clean up also was going to be tiring. Martha smiled weakly and started to pick the dish. When she bent to take mine i carefully whispered to her.

"Dont worry i will skip and help you to clean up."

She smiled at me and went to take Xavier's plate. My eyes widened when i saw Xavier already looking at me.

Shit! He didn't heard me right?

I stood up as everyone did. I walked behind them and was trying to sneak out but dad stopped me.

"Grace we need to talk so let's go to the living room." He said in his business voice and i nodded. Ignoring all the eyes on me i followed dad. But hearing footsteps behind me i knew everyone was going to be there.

He motioned me to take a seat and i only nodded. I noticed the others also sit down and the only place left was beside me. Xavier noticed it and walked to sit beside me.

Oh god!

I looked at dad and found him staring at me emotionless.

What did i do again?

"This dinner had a meaning behind. In order to expand our business that is the Silver Company we decided to mix the Knight." Dad started off and i was confused to why he was telling me that. He never invite me at a meeting or a dinner meeting!

"So in order to that to happen we made a contract in which it is clearly said that our only heir will get married together so that both companies could be transfered in both of their names." Said Xavier's dad looking carefully between me and Xavier. I looked at Xavier and saw his jaw clenched looking blankly his dad.

"Which means that both Xavier and you are going to get married so that the companies name will be Silver & Knight company." Said Amenda smiling at me. My eyes widened absorbing all this details.

They want me to marry a man that i barely know for business purposes? And to say that both my parents agreed to that.

Whom am i kidding? They must be happy that they are going to get ride of me!

Here was i thinking about marry the man that i would love but damn this wish as well was destroyed by my so call family.

"I have no problem in that." Xavier voice came out loud and clear. He looked angry ready to explosed. His fist were tight.

"What about you sweety?" Asked Amenda looking right at me. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out.

"Of course she agreed!" Said Samantha with a fake smile. Amenda looked at me again and nodded.

"So deal this contract is seal!" Said Nathan and dad nodded.

"Now both of you since these paper off!" Ordered dad and Xavier took the pen first to sign. I could feel my hand shaking as i was trying my hard not to cry. I took the pen and sign the contract signing my life away.

"Now there is no turning back. In this contract you cannot divorce, you cannot settle down with other partners and you both should get married sooner." Said Nathan and we nodded.

"Can i have some time alone with Grace?" Asked Xavier and my family nodded. I did not miss the glare that Samantha send my way.

I stood up and walked toward the back door into the garden. I heard footsteps and i knew Xavier was following me. I stopped once we were out of hear.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I was quite surprise by his question.

"Umm no!" I replied and he nodded.

"Why do you want to get married?" He asked crossing his arm around his chest his muscle stretched.

Dont look at his muscle...Dont look! I kept saying in my head before answering him.

"I did not have a choice and you know that." I said blankly and he just stared at me.

"So you are willingly accepting this contract." He said.

"I also sign it so yes." I sight .

"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at me confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engaged ring in my finger.

"S-so you knew about t-the contract." I asked and he nodded.

"Now there is no coming back." He said going back inside leaving me shocked on my spot.

When i came out of my shocked state, i walked inside the house. When i reached Xavier's parents were leaving.

"Well Grace see you soon." Said Amenda smiling at me. I nodded not trusting my voice at all.

"Grace walks your in laws till the door." Ordered Dad and i nodded. I walked with them till the door. His parents went first but Xavier stayed a little back. He suddenly faced me

"Remember one thing. What's mine remains mine." He said and left leaving me confused.

What is he talking about? About the ring?

I closed the door and hurried to my room. Not caring about my clothes or make up, I jumped on my bed hugging my pillow letting all my tears coming out.

Where the hell did i just put myself into!



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