Chapter 6: Night with him

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Grace's Pov:

Coming downstairs i found Xavier near the door. When he looked at me his eyes widened and i did not miss when he checked me out. As i caught him staring he cleared his thoat before talking.

"Let's go i already book a table." He said and i nodded.

Here i thought he would compliment me but i am not complaining i was used to it.

We walked to the car and hoped in. His driver i guess knew where we were going as Xavier did not talk at all.

5 minutes later we reached a restaurant. It was big and luxurious. The men were dressed up in suite while the women in long dresses. Suddenly i feel so out dated in my jean and top.

When we walked Xavier remained beside me and i noticed that he kept his hand in a fist.

Was i that bad looking?

We reached the counter and a girl was there behind her laptop.

"Name please." She asked not looking up.

"Knight!" Xavier replied blankly beside me. Her eyes widened when she looked up.

"Oh yes sir. I will make someone take you to your table." She tensed and stood up. I noticed she called a boy that was around my age. He come and smile at us. I smiled back.

"Follow me i would lead you to your table." He said walking in front. We followed him and he lead us to a corner table. There was fake roses in a beautiful jar in the middle of the table. There was also some small candles light up as decorations.

We took our seat and the waiter came to give us the menu.

"What would you both like for starter?" He asked smiling.

"Red wines!" Both Xavier and i said together. The waiter nodded and left so that we could choose what to eat.

"So what will you order?" Asked Xavier.

"I will order pasta i think." I said and he nodded. I was about to ask him what he was going to choose but the waiter came with our wines.

"Did you both choose what you will order?" He asked taking his note card.

"Two pasta." Ordered Xavier and he nodded.

"It will be served in 5 min sir." He said going back.

I took a sip of the red wines and looked around a bit.

"So about the wedding." Started Xavier and i looked at him.

"What about it?" I asked curious.

"We need to work it out." He stated and i nodded.

"What do we have to do?" I asked.

"We need to pretend to be a couple in love. Like we need to get used to each other touch without being awkward. There will be a lot of media around this wedding. They are curious about things and you know how they are when they want gossip." He sighed and i nodded.

What else could i say?

"Look i know its a bit hard for us to act suddenly and honestly i dont want anything awkward between us. So what about we become friend?" He asked and i knew he was serious about that.

"I dont mind with us becoming friends and i know we do need to start acting about being in a relationship." I said and he nodded.

"Well let's enjoy this dinner and not be awkward." He said and i chulcked.


The dinner went pretty well. We talked and played 21 questions. I was surprise when Xavier laughed freely and joked around. He was not the same cold man i was with during the dinner with my parents. The awkwardness between us was lighten up.

"Its already 8." Chulcked Xavier looking at his phone." We need to go i have work tomorrow."

"Yeah. So do i." I said but he shake his head.

"You wont be working with Rick now." He stated and i looked at him confused.

"D-did he say that?" I asked and he shake his head no again.

"You will be with me in my office. We will work together. Moreover Rick already replace your place." He said and i nodded.

Wow dad was soo happy for me to left that he already employed another person in my place.

"Let's go." Xavier said pulling me out of my thought. We stood up and walked toward the counter.

The girl was gone however the boy who lead us to the table were there.

"Hope you enjoyed your dinner Mr Knight and Miss...." he trailed off not knowing my name.

"Mrs knight!" I let out a gasp when i was pulled back on a chest. Xavier wrapped one of his arm around my waist glaring at the boy. His body felt warm beside me.

"Oh sorry i did not know." Said the boy nervously.

"Do your work better next time." Xavier said pulling us near the exit and walked to the car. He opened the door and i stepped in first.

The driver droved us back home.


The drive home was silent as none of us talked. As soon as we walked into the house we both walked into our room. Right now i was in my room laying on my bed. It was comfy and big like i love it. I changed in my shirt and short. I was going to call Martha when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said adjusting myself on the bed. Xavier walked in in a blue shirt and a sweatpant.

"Tomorrow we are going to the office at nine so be ready by then. We wont last long in the office i will try my best to make us leave there sooner." He said and i nodded.

"That's fine." I said and he nodded.

"Well i am going to sleep. Goodnight." He said

"Goodnight." I said and he left. I sighed and laid back on the bed letting sleep take over.



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