Chapter 11: Creepy man

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Grace's Pov:

"Babe is everything alright?"

I sighed in relieved when i saw Xavier standing near us. The man beside me kept on talking about how he helped single mother and that he wanted to help me.

I told him like 10 times already that i am not a single mother but he kept telling me that i was the one lying. Like seriously why would i lie?

"Yeah." I replied and grabbed Lia so that she could sit beside me.

"Who are you?" Asked the man to Xavier. Xavier arc an eye brow and clentched his jaw.

"I am the one who should ask you that! You the hell are you?" Xavier asked raising his voice a little.

"Young man you can't come and disturbed me while i was talking to this lady. Go and play around will you!" Said the man and i rolled my eyes.

"What the fuck! You should be the one to fuck off from here. I dont need anyone agreement to talk to my wife!" Shouted Xavier angrily.

"Xavier language!" I scolded him but he just glared at me. I felt Lia coming closer by my side as she was scared and i hugged her in a comforting way.

"How will i know that she is your wife?" Asked the man and Xavier glared at him harder.

Is this man digging his own grave?

Xavier leaned and punched him in his jaw. I gasped and stood up grabbing Xavier's arm. Lia remained beside me scared and it was hard for me to calm Xavier.

"Xavier stop!" I said but of no use.

"Xavier please stop you are scaring the kids." I said and he paused his actions. He sighed and turned toward me.

"Calm down will you." I said and he nodded without arguing. I took Lia's hand and make her stand infront of Xavier. Xavier bend to take her but she stepped back.

"Princess i swear i am not going to hurt you." Xavier said and Lia nodded. Xavier make her sat on his hips and he turned back to glare at the man. I was damn sure by the way Xavier hit him he had a broken nose and jaw.

"Next time mind your own fucking business!" Said Xavier which earn him a slap on his chest from me.

"Language there is innocent kids with us." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"Let's go." He said and wrapped his hand around my back. We walked around and found an ice cream stall.

"I want i want!" Squealed Lia and Xavier nodded.

We walked to the counter and found a teen girl. She smiled at Xavier and pulled lightly her top down showing her chest.

"How can i help you?" She asked seductively.

"3 chocolates ice cream." Ordered Xavier and she nodded. She went and came back with our order. Xavier paid and she winked at him.


We gasped at Lia's words. She looked around innocently after she said that. Xavier smirked while the girl glared at me as if it was me who say that.

Oh girl...

I took the ice cream from Xavier and gave Lia one. I took one and Xavier also. We walked and eat it. Lia played around again and Xavier followed her.


Coming back home we were tired. I quickly change myself in a tank top and a short before changing Lia's and Jay's into their pjs. Xavier went to order pizza as we were both tired to cook.

After changing we walked into the living room. Xavier was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Lia jumped on him and he fake hissing in pain.

"Damn baby you are strong." He said and she giggled. The door bell rang and i set Jay near Xavier. I walked to the door and opened it.

"Your pizza ma'am." Said the boy and i nodded.

"Thanks." I paid him and took the pizza. I went back in the living room and gave them their dinner. I already feed Jay so he just sat there playing with his toys.

When i finished i cleaned up and Xavier put a movie. Lia leaned on him as he hugged her closer to him. I was quite surprise to see Xavier so close to Lia. Usually Lia took time to trust anyone but Xavier here easily won her trust.

Just like mine..

Jay yawned and i chulcked. I took him and laid him on me. He rested his head on my shoulder and i slowly rubbed his back so that he could fall asleep quick.

Xavier's Pov:

The movie came to an end and i sighed in relieved. It was the first time for me to watch a mermaid disney movie.

I was about to ask Lia if she enjoyed the movie but when i looked at her she was already sleeping. I looked over Grace but she also was sleeping with Jay.

Well i guess i have to take them to their rooms one by one. First i took Lia and went up in Grace's room. I put her on the bed and went downstairs to pick Jay. I went back up and put her next to his sister. I covered both with the blanket and put some extra pillow around them and on the floor. Just for safety precautions. I light up the small lamp and turn off the main light of the room.

I went down and pick Grace in bridal style. She stirred and rested her face in the crook of my neck. I walked into my room and laid her on the bed. As soon as i pulled the cover on her, she stirred and slowly opened her eyes.

"W-where are the kids?" She asked still sleepy.

"I put them in their room. Dont worry and go to sleep." I said and she sighed. She closed her eyes and let sleep took over her. I stood up and take off my shirt and pants. I then went and laid beside her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. I closed my eyes and slept.



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