Chapter 12: My hero

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Grace's Pov:

The weekend end up pretty quick. The kids liked Xavier and i was glad that Xavier liked them too. He played with them without complaining. He stayed by their side almost everytime. He even skipped his work to be with them.

"When are their mother coming?" I turned and saw Xavier with Jay.

"In a few minutes i guess." I replied and he nodded.

"I am going to miss these two a lot." He said chulcking to himself.

"So will i." I murmured. Lia was watching a movie while Jay was playing with Xavier on the couch.

"When are you going to the office?" I asked and he shruggled.

"I dont know why?" He asked looking at me.

"Can we go visit my parents in the afternoon?" I asked and he chulcked.

"Of course why not! We will go to your place in the afternoon." He said

"Actually they moved out when i came here." I said and he nodded.

"Not a problem just ask them the address and we will go." He said smiling.

"A-are you sure you want to come with me? Because i will more likely stay over there for the night and i know you already skipped many days from your w-" i said but he interrupted me.

"Its fine dont worry and now that you mention that you will be there for the night i am definitly coming." He said smirking. I was going to reply to him but then the door bell rang.

"I will go." I said walking toward the door. I opened it and saw Samantha and my aunt Stacy. Both were wearing a tight dress which exposed their breast more and had put on many make ups.

"Morning Grace." Said Stacy politely.

"Morning. Come in." I said and they walked in. We walked to the living room where the kids were. When they notice Stacy they smiled but soon return to watch their movie. However Xavier was nowhere to see.

"What the heck are you wearing girl? Didnt i show you how to impress man so that they stay more than one night." Said Samantha and i rolled my eyes.

" Said Samantha and i rolled my eyes

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My outift was not that bad. But knowing her i knew that this outfit did not match her bitchy level.

I felt a hand around my waist and when i looked up i saw Xavier behind me. He pulled me lightly on him so that my back was closer to his front. His jaw was set and i felt him tighten his grip on me as he watched Samantha. Well more like glare at her. However he made sure not to hurt me by his grip.

"She does not need to wear slutty outfit to impress me. I choose her the way she was and thats what count." Said Xavier and i blushed lightly when he pecked my forehead. The two women glared at me as if i took something that belong to them.

Newsflash he is mine!

"Well young man this wont last for long and am sure of it. If you need another girl to replace her just inform me and i will bring the girl. She will be perfect for you as she know how to please a man." Smirked Samantha as Stacy chulcked beside her.

"Ok i have enough of this shit. Can you both stop putting her down like that? She is way better than you two. And even if i was introduced to hundred girls i would have choose her so stop making me leave her thats not gonna happened. It was nice to watch over the kids and i guess its time for you both two leave. The door is this way!" Said Xavier angrily and both Stacy and Samantha gasped. Even i stared at Xavier wide eyed.

Did he meant all that?

"No need to be rude. We were going." Said Stacy as she picked Jay up and grabbed Lia' hand. Lia waved at us as she leave through the door. We waved  back till she disappeared from our sight.

"I dont know what that bitch put into your mind but know that i am here when you will need me." Samantha winked at Xavier and i rolled my eyes.

"I will made sure this time do not come ever dont worry." Said Xavier and i chulcked lowly. Samantha glared at me one last time before going to her car. She closed the front door after her and i sight.

"S-sorry about that." I murmured looking down. I felt him moved from beside me to stood infront of me. Soon i found myself being hugged by him. I hugged him back laying my head on his chest.

"No need to be sorry for that bitch. She is not worth it and please dont spoiled your mood because of her remember we are going to meet your parents today and i know you dont want them to be sad when you will go like that." He said and i nodded.



"Did you meant everything you said about me?" I asked and he pulled away. He looked at me blankly and sight.

"Of course i meant everything i said and dont ever think otherwise!" He said and i nodded.

"Thanks!" I said and he rolled his eyes.

"There is nothing for you to thank me. Now go and pack your things we need to go to your parents place." He said and i smiled.



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