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Grace's Pov:

Three years later*

I woke up by giggling and to something move on top of me. I heard Xavier groaned and try to move but unfortunately i was on top of him.

I opened my eyes and saw my two daughters sitting on top of us.

"Morning Mwommy." Alaïa said smilling. She still speak some words wrongly.

"Morning baby." I said as i moved.

"Happy birthday princess." I said and hugged her. She giggled and hugged me back. I looked at My second daughter who is two years old, Adelisa was on top of his father who was still sleeping. Her full name was Adelisa Elle Knight. She fowned and looked at me.

"Dwaddy swtill Slweeping." She said cutely in her small voice.

"You want to wake daddy up?" I asked and she nodded eagerly.

"Then kiss him." I said and she smiled. Xavier was kinda ticklish of her kisses and it was really funny to see them fighting.

She started her work and Xavier started to stir and smiled.

He was definitly up now.

He remained silent and let Adelisa continue. All of a sudden he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her on him. She squealed loudly as she tried to escape.

"You woke the monster up." Xavier said in a playful voice. Adelisa tried to move by was tickled by her dad.

When they were done, Alaïa went on her dad and hugged her.

"Morning Dwaddy." She said.

"Morning my little princess. Happy birthday." He said and kiss her forehead.

Alaïa smiled and came back to me.

"Mwommy. We need to gwet ready. Grandma and Grandpa will be hwere soon." She said and i chulcked. We invited my parents, Xavier's parents, Skylar and Ryan for her birthday party and she was really excited about it.

"Ok let's take a shower and get you two ready." I said and they nodded.

"Mwommy cwan we bath together?" Adelisa asked and Alaïa squealed.

"Yes please mwommy." She pouted and i chulcked.

"Ok but let me take your dresses here." I said and they nodded.

"Can i join?" Xavier asked and the girls giggled.

"Nwo dwaddy." Adelisa said smiling.

"You cwannot see us." Alaïa added making Xavier pouted.

"I did bath you both once." He pointed and they giggled.

"Alright am going to take your dresses ok?" I said and stood up. I let them with Xavier and went into their room. Alaïa accepted to share her room with Adelisa as it was too big for her.

I walked to their closet and take out two dresses. I walked back to my room and saw only Xavier.

"Where are they?" I asked as i put the dresses on the bed.

"In the bathroom." He chulcked and i nodded. I walked to the bathroom but the door was locked.

"Alaïa. Open the door." I said and heard small footsteps. The door opened and i walked in closing it behind me.

"Why did you lock it?" I asked.

"Dwaddy wanted to cwome in." She giggled and i sighed.

"But baby you should never lock the door when there is not an adult with you. You could have been trap if the lock were broken." I said and she fowned.

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