Chapter 21:Our first time

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Grace's pov:

Dinner went by good. We talked a lot and got to know each other. Skylar and i switched phone numbers so that we can keep in contact. It felt good to know that beside Martha and Roger i got some other people who actually like me.

We left their house at around midnight and was now in the car. The ride was silent. Whatever Amenda told me was still in my head.

What does Xavier want? He was always doing everything that i want without saying anything. He gained my trust way before. I know i like more now and i also know i wont regret my decision. He was always there for me and he always stood for me.

"What are you thinking?" Asked Xavier and i looked at him.

"Hmm nothing." I lied and he nodded unsure.

"You know you can trust me right?" He asked and i nodded.

"I know and i do trust you." I said truely and he smiled.

"Come here." He opened his arm and wrapped it around my shoulder. He pulled me into him and i rested my head on his chest. This feel good. However i knew i had to talk to him about what Amenda said.

"Xavier?" I asked after a few minutes of silence.


"What do you want?" I asked and pulled away from him. He looked at me confused.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"What do you want Xavier? I know you have been doing everything the way in which i wanted it to happen but what do you want?" I asked and he sighed.

"I dont want anything Grace. Whatever makes you happy make me happy!" He said but i know it was half the truth.

"What if i want to give you something?" I asked and he arc an eye brow.

"What do you want to give me?" He asked.

"Whatever you want me to give you!" I said sincerely and he looked at me seriously for few seconds.

"Sir. We are here!" We both snapped out when the driver talked. Xavier cleared his thoat and nodded.

"Thanks." He said and stepped out. I sighed and stepped out. Xavier made his way to his room and i knew he was trying to ignore my question. I grabbed his wrist before he could reach his room. I had to literally run with my heels on the stairs to catch him up.

"Xavier please reply my question." I said and he sighed.

"Grace.... i dont want anything." He said and i groaned.

"Stop fucking lying. We both know its not the truth!" I snapped and seconds later my back was against the wall. He looked at me blankly and tighten his grib on my both arms.

"You! I just freaking want you thats all!" He said and i knew he was telling the truth by looking in his eyes. Then again what Amenda said came into my mind.

He loves you soo much that he just want you to be his...

He left my arms and was making his way to his room when i stopped him.

"Then what's stopping you?" I asked and his eye widened. I walked closer to him and stood few inches from him.

"You really want it? Or are you just saying that because you feel like you should do it." He asked and i sighed

"I trust you Xavier." I said and reached up to kiss him. He seems a bit surprise but eventually kiss back. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around my waist. One of his arm went behind my thigh and lift me up. I gasped as i wrapped my legs around his waist. He took this opportunity to enter my mouth and i groaned when my back hit the wall again but this time more forcefully. I pulled away for air but he continued his kisses on my neck. He did not have to do much effort as my dress were off shoulder and he got full access.

I moaned when he suck on my neck. He groaned and i felt us moved. Soon my back touched the soft bed with Xavier on top of me.

"You sure you want it?" He asked breathless and i nodded.

"Say it!" He ordered.

"I-i want it." I said and he nodded.

"You wont regret it love." He said as he kiss my cheeks. He then slowly made his way down my neck and started his kisses. And the night went on by him showing his love in different ways.

I know i wont regret anything in the morning.

Xavier's Pov:

Grace laid beside me cuddled to my side. It was already 3 am and i only let her fall asleep few minutes ago. She looked peaceful while sleeping. I removed her hair from her face and put it on her bare back. Her hot breath fall on my chest as she rest. I know she was going to be sore tomorrow and that she need to be taken care of. I wont leave by her side.

I kissed her forehead and pulled the cover a bit more on her. I may look like a creep as i watched her sleep but i dont care. She is all what i wanted and i got it. She trust me and i was glad for that.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I needed to rest so that i could look after her tomorrow.



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