Chapter 7: The meeting

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Grace's Pov:

I woke up this morning early. I took a quite shower and dressed up. I choose something simple.

Once done, i walked downstairs

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Once done, i walked downstairs. I guess Xavier was still sleeping as his door was closed and there was no sound.

I took this opportunity to make some breakfast. It took me time to found thr ingredient but i did found them.
I make some pancakes and it was quick. I flip them on a plate as Martha taught me.


I jumped at the sudden voice. I turned back and saw Xavier looking at me smirking.

"Morning." He said.

"Morning." I replied

"I was going to order breakfast actually." He said and i shruggled.

"Next time. I already made these and if you wanna you can have some too." I said sitting at the table in the kitchen.

"Why not." He said sitting infront of me. I gave him a plate filled with some of the pancakes. He bite first and he nodded at me.

"Its good." He said and i chulcked.

"Of course its good my mom taught me." I said eating mine.

"What? I didn't think Samantha was the cooking type woman." He said and i shake my head no.

"Sorry but its not her. I was talking about Martha one of our maid." I said and he nodded.

"Oh the one who was there the day wr left." He said and i nodded.

"We need to head out now lets go." He said standing up. I eat the last pancake and follow him out. I literally jog to catch him. Damn he walk fast!


We reached his office and we stepped in. Xavier walked beside me his face blank. Everyone stood up to greet him as we walked to his office. Once in he sight and sat on his leather chair.

There was a knock and a girl came in. She smiled flirtly at Xavier and licked her lips.

Eww Gross!

"Mr Tenison is here sir." She said and Xavier nodded.

"Send him in." He said blankly. She nodded and went out. Once the door closed Xavier turned to me.

"Come here." He said and i arc an eye brow.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just.. Come here quick!" He said and i sighed. I walked toward him and stood beside him.

"Why did you told-" i gasped as he pulled me on his laps. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me a bit back.

"Sorry but the man who is coming right now know that we are engaged so we need to put the act on ok?" He whispered in my ears and i nodded.

"Sorry if your uncomfortable." He murmured but i shake my head.

"Its ok. I- i will get u-used to it." I stambled as his hot breathe fall on my neck. I felt my eyes closed when he started to light kiss the nape of my neck.

"Xavier man you could have control yourself." My eyes snapped opened and found two man entering the room.

Shit i did not even noticed the door opened!

One of the man smirked looking at me and it was really uncomfortable. Xavier cleared his thoat and nodded at them. The one smirking took a seat right infront me and the other took a seat next to him.

"Well if you wanted to have fun you could have told us to wait outside. I know what it is to hold it for too long." Winked the other man to Xavier who just chulcked.

"This Grace my fiancee and babe this is shawn and sean. One of my biggest investor." Said Xavier and i nodded at them.

"Wow did not think of you as the commitment one." Said Sean shockly looking the two of us. He was the one smirking and in front of me.

"Anyway gentleman back to business will you." Said Xavier and they nodded.

The rest of the meeting i block out and look at some magasin which was in the drawer. And yeah even i was shocked to see magasins here. But it all was on cars, perfume and suits.

I felt a soft lip against my cheeks and i looked at Xavier.

"Are you okay babe. Do you want to go?" He asked but i shake my head  no.

"I am fine." I said and he nodded. They continued and soon it was finished.

"It was nice dealing with you knight." Said Shawn.

"Pleasure all mine Tenison." Said Xavier. They walked out and i felt him leaned on his seat.

"Damn that was tiring." he whispered and i chulcked.

"It wasnt that bad." I said and he arc an eye brow.

"Right that's why you space out the whole meeting." He said and i shruggled.

"It was your meeting i  wasn't the one suppose to follow it." I said.

"Doesn't mean you-"

"Ah Xavier son!"  Our head snap toward the door and found Rick and Samantha.

"Rick!" Xavier acknowledge him professionally.

"I see the wedding is going well." Said Samantha eyeing Xavier and I. I somehow forgot that i was still on his laps. I was about to stand up but his hand tightened around my waist stopping me.

"What do you want?" Asked Xavier.

"Oh nothing much. We just came to see whether you still wanted her or not. I mean you decide quick!" Said Rick and i looked down.

Now i feel embarassed. My own dad was embarasssing me infront of him.

"And why would i do that? She is everything i need and i got it. No coming back." Xavier said in a monotone voice. His voice was strong making me almost shiver.

"Oh thats good! Well another thing. Grace Stacy is going out for the weekend so the kids will stay with both of you." Ordered Samantha and i felt Xavier's hand clentched on the hem of my shirt.

"Why with us?" Xavier asked. It seems like he was the only one to talked to them.

"Oh come on.. you both will get experience on looking at them." Said Samantha and Xavier sighed not happy at all.



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