Chapter 4: Moving with him

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Grace's pov:

I woke up this morning to a headace. I walked up into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I almost screamed when i saw my face in the mirror. My make up was gone, my eyes were red and my hair was messed up.

I quickly cleaned myself up and took a shower. I dressed up and went downstairs. While getting ready i noticed the ring Xavier gave me. It was still weird for me to think that i was engaged. I let the ring in my fingers and continued my morning.

 I let the ring in my fingers and continued my morning

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I walked inside the kitchen and found Martha cooking.

"Morning." My voice came out low but Martha heard it.

"Oh sweety i heard about what happened are you okay?" She said leaving whatever she was cooking to hug me. I hugged her back feeling more at comfortable.

"I will be fine." I said pulling back. She stroke my cheeks giving me a weak smile.

"You can always come to us if there is a problem." Said Martha.

"I know mom and i promised i will." I said and she nodded.

"Good now lets get you a breakfast." She said and i nodded.

I sat on one of the chair and watch her cook. When she finished she gave it to me and i started to eat it. Midway i noticed Roger coming in. He looked tensed and worried.

"Morning." I said and he smiled at me.

"Morning sweetpie." He said and sighed.

"What happened?" Asked Martha to her husband.

"Grace your father told you to stay home today and pack. Xavier is coming to pick you up soon as you both are moving together." I choke on my bacons when Roger finished his sentence. I looked at him shocked and scared. He engulf me in a hug and i hugged him back.

"Dont worry everything would be fine."He said.

"How can they do that to me? Do they hate me soo much that they are so ready to send me away." I said crying on his shoulder.

"Oh sweetie dont cry! Its gonna be alright." Said Martha rubbing my back.

"How? They are making me move with a man i barely know. They want me to spent my life with a stranger." I said as it was unfair.

"You are strong sweetpie and i know you can overcome that." Said Roger still hugging me.

"And we also have something to tell you." Said Martha and i looked at her confused.

"Both Roger and i had decided that we would stay here till you get married and went away so that you weren't alone in this house. And since you are moving out already both Roger and i are going also." She said and my eyes widened.

"Wait you both stayed here for me?" I asked and they nodded

"We couldn't let you alone here." Said Roger and i couldn't help but cry more. They stayed here for me despite how many time Samantha scold them and my father was rude them. They did not abondonned me like my own blood did!

"We are not going to stay far from you. We are moving into the city itself so whenever you want you can come and visit us." Said Roger and i nodded.

"Now clear these tears and go pack up. Your fiance would be here soon." Said Martha and i nodded clearing my tears.

"Nice ring by the way." Chulcked Roger and i nodded.

"He gave it to me last night." I murmured and they nodded.

"Now go once i finished that i will come and help you." Said Martha and i nodded. I walked in my room and started to pack.


Two hours later everything was packed. Both Roger and Martha helped me to pack up. Without them i would be nothing.

The door bell rang and Roger went down to check who it was. Minutes i heard Roger calling my name saying that Xavier was here. Martha helped me to carry my bags downstairs. Midway another man came and took all of them. I let him as i knew he came with Xavier. When we reached down the stairs, Xavier nodded at me. I nodded back and stood beside Roger.

"Well let's go. The driver is waiting for us." He said and i nodded. I turned to Martha and Roger and found their eyes filled with tears. I knew they wouldn't be able to control themselves for long.

"Thanks mom for everything." I said hugging Martha first. She chulcked shaking her head.

"Dont thank me sweetie. It was always a pleasure to be with you." She kissed my forehead and i went to Roger who tears were already running his cheeks. He smiled and i hugged him.

"Dad stop crying or else i wont be able to stop myself." I said my voice cracking up.

"I am going to miss you soo much sweetpie. Do come visit us ok?" He asked and i nodded.

I pulled away walking toward Xavier who looked a bit confused.

"Huh let's go." He said and walked out. I followed him but stop looking back again.

"Take care Grace.And always remember we are always here for you no matter what." Said Martha and i nodded. I ran back in both and hugged them one more time.

"I love you both soo much." I said and they chulcked.

"We Love you too." They said and we pulled away. I walked to the car and sat down. Xavier was on his phone. As soon as i closed the door the driver speed away. I watched as both Roger and Martha waved at me from far. I smiled and leaned on the window next to me.

This is going to be the hell of a drive.



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