Chapter 2: The Dinner

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Grace's Pov:

I reached home and was met with the smell of many different flavours. Walking toward the kitchen i saw Martha cooking. She looked exhausted and was sweating a lot. Martha is our maid. I knew her since i was a baby and she still work here.

"Hi mom." I said pecking her cheeks. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Oh sweety you came early." She said and i nodded.

"Is Samantha making you doing all these?" I asked eyeing the dishes.

"No sweety your mom did not even know what i will be cooking. Your dad phoned me and ordered it." She said and i sighed.

Samantha was my mother but since baby she left me with Martha so i got used to call Martha mom. Even if Samantha heard me call Martha mom she never mind but was grateful as she did not have to tell me as her daughter.

"Oh Sweety you are home." I turned to see Roger with shopping bags. Roger is Martha husband and he had always looked at me like his own daughter.

"Yes dad i got early today." I said hugging him. With his hand full he couldnt do much thought. I helped him with the bags and helped Martha too. I cook a bit with her and cleaned the messed kitchen.

"Sweety you should go and get ready. The guest will arrived soon." Said Martha and i nodded.

"Rick already left the office and will be home soon. Be quick i dont want him to yell at you." Said Roger kissing my forehead.

"He always yell at me whether i am at fault or not." I chulcked and he gave me a sad smile.

I walked in my room and went to my closet. I removed my heels and throw them in one of the empty boxes. I stripped walking in my underwears. I walked into my bathroom and run the shower. I took a quick shower before dressing up. The hot water was relaxing and i just wanted to stay in but i know if i am late Rick aka my dad wont hesitate to scold me infront of his guest.

I looked over my closet deciding what to wear.

Since the dinner was at home i did not want to wear too much

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Since the dinner was at home i did not want to wear too much. Firstly it would be a waste of time and secondly i am sure that after dinner i will be sent directly to my room.

I did a light make up before going downstairs. I went in one of the maid room where i found Martha and Roger getting ready.

"Hey!" I said as i sat on one of the bed.

"Aww sweety you look beautiful." Martha said kissing my forehead.

"Thanks mom." I said smiling.

"Mr and Mrs Silver are already in there room they should be done anytime." Said Roger and i sighed.

"Another dinner to go through." I murmured and they chulcked.

"Like always you will end up here after dinner so relax." Smiled Roger and i grinned knowing it is exactly what i planned to do.

"GRACE COME HERE THIS INSTANT!" yelled Samantha and i cringed at the sudden loud. I stood up and walked quickly to the living room where i found her and dad. Dad as usual wore his suit and Samantha oh well dressed up like a teenager. Her breast on display and her dress like a second skin.

"Oh my god what the hell are you wearing?" She yelled panicking. I clenched my teeth and stopped myslef from saying anything unpleasant.

At least i am not dressed up like a bitch ready to get laid!

"Babe they are here what is done is done now Grace behavem" Said Dad in his cold self voice.

"Yes Sir." I murmured looking down.

Dad opened the door and loud greeting was heard.

"Ah Rick my old friend how are you?" Asked a man who looked in his thitys. There was a lady next to him dressed up pretty good. Her dressed hugged her curved perfectly and it was not too revealing.

"Nathan welcome." Said dad shaking his hand.

"Amenda." Greated my mom and the lady nodded curtly. Either she does not like my mom or she was too shy. I awkwardly stood behind till Nathan saw me and passed by dad to hug me.

"Oh Grace look at you a pretty young lady." He said pulling back. I was surprise that he knew my name but could not help but smiled when he complimented me.

"Thank you." I said and he smiled. He montionned his wife to come and when she saw me she smiled widely and hugged me.

"Oh i like you already." She said and i just smiled. Well what could i say?

"The dinner is ready." Said Martha and Samantha glared at her. I tried my best not to show my anger toward Samantha as the way she treated Martha.

"Oh and here is our son Xavier." I tore sighed of Samantha and looked at a boy. I almost gasped when i saw him. He had dirty blond hair like his parent but had blue eyes. His shoulder were well build up and even wearing a suite his muscle could be seen. His jaw locked in place as he showed no emotion. In other word he looked damn hot.

"Hello Xavier." Said Samantha and i rolled my eyes. Xavier nodded but did not say anything.

"Let go dinner is served." Said dad and everyone agreed. We walked in the dining room and i stayed a bit behind. I let them choose the place they wanted to sit as otherwise my parents would yell at me and i dont want to be embarassed tonight.

"Oh Grace come and sit with us." Said Amenda as she save a place in between her and Xavier. Xavier looked at me directly in the eyes and i just nodded.

This dinner is going to be interesting! I could not help but thought it.



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