Chapter 24: Wedding shopping

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Grace's pov:

This morning i woke up late. All thanks to Xavier. He purposely turn off all the alarms and closed all the curtains so that the sunlight does not come in.

"Babe are you still mad at me?" He asked as i tied my shoes. Amenda was already at the shop with Skylar and was waiting for me.

"What do you think?" I asked and stood up. I grabbed my phone and my bag. I felt a warm arm wrapped around my waist and felt his breath on my neck.

"Sorry!" He whispered in my neck making me shiver. He started to kiss my neck and i could felt him smirking on my skin.

"Xav i really need to leave right now. Your mom is waiting for me you know." I said and he groaned.

"Fine but be home soon. I am not going to work today." He said and i nodded. I turned and pecked his cheeks before making my way down. Xavier had asked the driver to drop me at the shop.

After a few minutes, the driver stopped the car. I stepped out and went into the shop. There was not much people here. I noticed Skylar and Amenda near one of the rank of dresses and i went near them.

"Hey." I said as i approachrd them. They turned toward me and smiled.

"Hey." They both said and hugged me.

"Well since you came a bit late we already saw some dresses and it time for you to try it and choose whatever you want." Amenda said and i nodded.

"Oh and we have a surprise for you." Skylar said and i arc an eye brow.

"What surprise?" I asked confused.

"Turn around dear." Amenda said smiling.

I turned and my eyes widened.


I walked toward her and hugged her. She chulcked and hugged me tightly.

"How are you sweetie?" She asked.

"I am fine." I replied.

"Now lets get you a wedding dress." She said and i chulcked.

We walked back and i begin to see the dresses. All of them were beautiful but only i loved one more. Amenda told us that it was perfect and that i should take it. And i did.

During all this time, Amenda and Martha got to know each other. They talked and smiled more. Amenda did not had the cold attitude like she had with Samantha so i guess she liked Martha.

"Well dear i know all of this is over but let had tea at my place." Amenda said smiling.

"I dont think-" Martha said but Amenda interrupted her.

"I wont take no as an answer. All of you at my place and that final." Amenda said and we chulcked.

"Fine." Martha said and we all nodded.

"Lets go then."

We walked to her car and sat down. I took this opportunity to text Xavier.

Hey i am going at your mom place. She invited us over. I will see you later- G

I send it and got a replied immediately.

Ok but i will come to pick you up. I had to come to the office to sign some papers and i dont think i will finish soon-X

Ok. Take care-G

Dont worry about me and enjoy your evening love-X

I chulcked lightly as i read the message but did not reply. We soon reached Amenda place and we entered in.

We walked into the kitchen as Amenda started to make tea and coffee. We wanted to help but she refused us. The smell of the coffee suddenly made me craves for chocolate. And its have been a long time since i have eaten some.

"What are you thinking sweetie?" Martha asked.

"Nothing much while smelling the coffee powder i started to craves for chocolate." I said and she arc an eye brow.

"Oh ok you can tell Xavier to buy some for you." She suggested and i nodded.

"I will tell him later." I shruggled and she nodded.

"Now girls lets have this evening for ourselves." Amenda said and we chulcked. Skylar and i had coffee while Amenda and Martha had tea. It was hot and super delicious.

"Its been long since i drank coffee. And this one is super delicious." Skylar said and Amenda smiled.

I really want chocolates though!

"Oh i forgot there is also strawberry cakes. I made them last night." Amenda said and went to the fridge and pick it. Normally i love to eat strawberry but this time.... i just want chocolate and i dont know why.

Everyone took one piece but i gently refused.

"Hmm no thanks i am not hungry." I said and she nodded.

"I will pack some for you and Xavier." She said and i nodded.

"Thanks you." I said and she smiled.

"No need to thanks me." She said and went back to her tea.


When we finished we cleaned up and went into the back garden. It was beautiful and peaceful.

"Sweetie you sure you are alright?" Martha asked and i nodded.

"Yeah why?" I asked confused.

"Well you never refused strawberry cake and you suddenly craves for chocolates." She said smiling.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Did you had your period this month?" She asked and i arc an eye brow.

"Uhmm no... not yet." I said and she chulcked.

"Then sweetie you should really take a pregnancy test." She said and my eyes widened.

"What no!  I dont think i am...." I said but then again i remember that i was not on birth control and i dont remember Xavier using.....

Oh shit!



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