Chapter 24

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Later that night the pregnant boy sat humming as he lovingly caressed his bump; having heard only moments before that the baby could hear his voice. He was intrigued and overjoyed. Especially after learning that it also calmed the unborn babe as well.

That's how Julian found the boy. Sitting on the bed humming a lullaby to their child, it was undoubtedly a maternal moment. Julian's heart pained him with the need to marry the angel once again.
Subconsciously his hand flitted to his side pocket where the ring box sat; waiting for the right time. He didn't know if this was the time or not though.

"You sound enchanting Gabriel." Rasped the Music producer, instantly stopping the boy in his humming. Red eyes instantly found his mossy green and Julian was instantly rewarded with a breathtaking smile, dimples and all.

"Hey you. I'm just humming to the little one here. It soothes her." The boy instantly stopped talking after that, going a bright red as he knew that he said something that maybe he shouldn't have. Julian raised one eyebrow and quirked his lip, "She? You think it's going to be a girl My Angel?"

The man knew that there was no way that the boy knew the gender of the baby. They had agreed to not find out until the baby was in their arms. But clearly this was a prediction that the boy had made about their future baby.

"Yes she. I really think that it will be a girl. It's just a feeling that I get." The blush was still there upon his cheeks, but the angel had now sat up and faced the producer on the bed.

"Okay then. You can say that it's going to be a girl, but I am predicting that it's going to be a boy." Countered the man as he leant into the boy on the bed, sweeping the long hair behind his delicate ear and kissing that adorable nose that wriggled at the contact. It was adorable.

"Wanna make a bet?" Challenged the teen.

"What kind of bet?"

"The bet is that if I'm right about her being a girl then I get to choose her name. However, if she's a boy then you can name her whatever you want." The boy offered, raising both of his hands to imitate scales of some sort.
"Sounds like a very good plan. And I do accept the challenge."

Maybe this was the perfect time to ask the boy to marry him. The atmosphere felt just right; there was a jovial banter between the pair that felt electric and tantalising. The man knew that if he played his cards right, then just maybe he would be able to have that boy under him and wearing that engagement ring within the nights end. By the gods he wanted to have the boy now though, he looked utterly sinful.

Resting upon his knees on the bed, playfully leaning against the bedpost and letting his nightshirt to fall down at the hem and expose his creamy long neck. This was utterly perfect.

"And what about the last name?" He started, a plan forming in his mind that he was certain would work to achieve the most ultimate heights of pleasure on this night.

"Redfern or Osiris?"

The boy didn't reply back for a moment. His brows had drawn in concentration as he mulled over the question for a moment before relaxing again. There seemed to be a indecisive nature about him now.

"I'm not sure Julian." The angel finally muttered, falling away from the bed post and resting back on the bed, knees now bent up in front of him, protecting his form from the music producer.

"Don't shield yourself from me angel." Hushed the man, climbing onto the bed and between the boys soft thighs. Happily situating himself there Julian took the boys hands and pinned them above his head suggestively, using one large hand to secure both of the boys delicate wrists.

With his other hand he checked the side pocket once again, needing to be sure that the box was absolutely there, there was no room for mistakes now; especially with a wilted angel in his grasp.

"I propose a bet." The man started, this time initiating the bet and preparing his own terms.

The teenager perked up from his guarded state, to stare questioningly at the man. Interest piqued at the elder mans bet.

"If you say 'No' then the baby will have your last name. But if you say 'Yes' then the baby will have my last name." The man explained, now gathering the boy into his strong arms and let the teen just simply melt and relax; albeit looking at the elder man as if he was from mars or something.

"Yes? Yes to what."

In one confident moment Julian had pulled the ring box from his coat pocket, had the case snapped open and placed it within the angels view; he sat there frozen still. "Yes to marrying me."

Gabriel's brain turned to mush. Never had he ever imagined that he'd be hearing someone ask him that, let alone one of the richest men in the country! Was he way in past his head at this one? Yes Gabriel did think so.
However, he was also deeply head over heels in love with this dominating, sweet and loyal man. It had barely been twenty weeks but Gabriel had never been more sure of anything in his almost eighteen years of living. And going by the beautiful ring, Julian had never been more sure of anything either.

The ring; well the ring was the most spectacular thing that the Angel had ever seen. It was a beautiful platinum band with swirls descending from it. And at the end of the swirls were tiny little clear diamonds that sparkles intensely in the light from the window. It was beautiful.

"Will you marry me Gabriel Redfern?" The angel had been quiet for more than two minutes when Julian decided to speak again, nervous as to why the boy was being so silent. So he just had to ask again to reiterate the point. Julian wanted to marry Gabriel, more than anything. And the man needed this answer now, almost as much as he needed air to breathe.

There was only one answer that Gabriel was going to give though. He thought that it may be obvious that he was thrilled at being asked, maybe an emotional wreck actually as there were currently happy tears escaping his light red eyes.

This was the father of his child.
His music producer.
His friend.
His lover.

"Yes I will..."

His husband to be.

"Julian Osiris."

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