Chapter 11

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Andrea had never been happier to see her best friend when she opened the door to Gabriel. However, upon seeing the shivering and pained filled man was she worried. Begging the teen in and comforting his wounds, the scratches, bites and to top it all off, love bites. There was blood at the base of his neck and claw marks down his thighs, as well as teeth indents. Gabriel had passed right out, his body no longer able to take the stress and pain from the last few hours.

"I don't know who could've done such a thing, if I ever find out, he shall be dead." Andreas fiery spirit shot through, her anger was so much, flaming up and hitching as the night went on, and when the phone called she was more than surprised when Gabriel started to scream about not answering. It was Gabriel's phone after all, but was adamant about getting Ace from downstairs. Only once the dog was in the room did the Angel fall unconscious again, his wings needed rest per say. Now all Andrea could do, was worry. Worry and wait.


Julian was confused. He couldn't remember much of the night before, other than the nice woman who said where Gabriel lived, he then went to Gabriel's... Then, he couldn't remember much after that. What had happened? Did he leave? What was said. He couldn't rightly remember, so had decided to call up Joey.

Upon meeting him again, Julian had rattled off his thoughts and feelings about the beautiful angel, telling the story of when they met and the night at the hospital. All emotions and feelings, every single thought and breath spent in the Angels company, not one single tidbit of information was held back, and it seemed the best friend was happy with the 'no secrets' policy, thoguh In the end, Joey had simply bowed his head and said- "Your night of love may last longer than infinite nights of loneliness."

Joey had taken it upon himself to get back into reading and literature, he, after all had a PHD in literature and anthology, he was going to do the thing he wanted to do in the very beginning. Even before he had met Aaron, Joey had always wanted to be a university professor, teaching English literature, and to teach the young minds of the world. It was commendable really.

After that Julian's next and only choice was to all his sister, to check I on her and see what she knew, after all, she was the best friend of his Angel, maybe she actually knew something that might help...

... Upon turning up to the house Julian was amazed with the fact at how pissed Andrea actually looked, not only that, but she was also insanely pale and had large bags under her eyes, as well as blood splattered but her pupil and on her hands in certain places, "Jesus! Who did you kill?" He was only trying for a joke, which somehow ended up with Andrea burst out crying.

Thick hot tears rolled down her pale face; her moss coloured eyes were dull and didn't shine, as well as the fact it looked like she had not slept in weeks. This was concerning, and straight away Julian forgot all about his Angel and was concentrating on his sister. Taking her into his arms and cradling her smell figure, striking back silky black hair and kissing her temples continuously.

"Dray. What's wrong?" Using her old nickname had a small smile crossing her mouth, but then straight back to crying. Gargled sounds that sounded suspiciously like 'Gabe' and 'date' came into it. At one moment Julian actually thought that Andrea had gone out on a date with a man named Gabe. When asked, Andrea had promptly calmed herself down and pointed to the ceiling and placed a bloodied finger to her lips and walked into the kitchen; pulled out a few tea cups and started to boil the kettle then sat down on the kitchen side, childishly kicking her legs out. "Thanks, I really needed to vent out those tears. I'm sorry, I ruined your shirt." Looking down Julian looked over the wet spots on the silk shirt and waved it off, he could easily buy a new one.

"Why were you crying though, and who's upstairs?" The kettle finished boiling. Andrea held up her finger and filled one cup with only milk and left it, the Other two she prepared the way that both she and Julian liked.
"I'm sure you remember Gabriel?" Andrea did not notice Julian go rigid, neither did she notice how he adjusted his shirt, careful to his the nail scratches along his collar bone and love bite close to his Adam's apple. Clearing his throat he waited for his sister to continue on.

"Well, he turned up here late last night. Covered in sweat and wobbling. Some dried blood on his neck and scratches down his thighs, as well as a very sore rear. He hasn't let me look after him there yet though. I don't blame him. But, it all adds up to one conclusion that make me so angry, he must have been raped." The world fell out form under Julian. Memories flashing back and forth before his eyes...

Soft soft lips, skin to match. The skin had been see you others, not him. Gabriel was his and his alone. One mark. Hands placed at the back of his head and curled, pulling a moan from Julian as he moved further up the thighs. Another Mark. Kissing back up the neck and bit hard, hard enough to draw blood, but a moan out of Gabriel. Mark. Licking up the blood, Julian's mouth then travelled to shivering thighs, kissing the marks better but leaving bites. Bite marks. His teeth drawing up purple bruises that looked so beautiful to Julian, and to Gabriel too. Finally reaching his lovers lips Julian brought them in a bruising kiss, snarling when Gabriel tried to take control and bit at the bottom lip, another moan. Another Mark. The came the grand finale, positioning himself Julian took hold of his lovers cock and-

Andrea was snapping her fingers in front of Julian's face. She looked worried, more than worried now than he had seen her ever. He then noticed that both he and Andrea were standing in an empty guest room that had traces of blood in it, and a piece of paper lying down on the bed, little fingerprints of red at the top. Walking over Julian picked up the letter and started to read:

Thank you for looking after me, but I can't use up your supplies and time. I'm grateful and will pay you back, (I always do). I'm not skipping out, nor was I raped, I promise you that it was all purely consensual, but I need to get to the doctors ASAP. I can't have a repeat of before, no matter how much I am attracted to the man I was with, I thank you.
I forgive you, and Julian.
All my love G.A.R.

Andrea turned to Julian with a suspicious look on her face, a small scowl set in place. "Why would he forgive you?"
Julian shrugged and turned back to the paper, absently running his fingers over the beautiful writing and the. Looks back to his sister coyly, "I could ask you the same thing 'I can't have a repeat of what happened before' what does that mean sister dear?" Andrea gulped before glaring murderously at Julian...

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