Chapter 21

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Showers were always a peaceful place to think. Always a place to just allow warm water to beat down on your back and then it gives time for thought. All the meanwhile the water was pretty good at actually giving a massage: especially if you had aching joints. Most likely an aching back, and it was working miracles on Gabriel's back.

A pale and pregnant body stood in the large shower. Gabriel's head turned up towards the shower head; platinum hair cascaded wetly down his back and causing the strands to look like spun silk.

What was this feeling? Gabriel knew that there was the most wanton feeling that resided within the bowels of his stomach. Right by his tiny baby bump... the small angel was use to the feeling of desire and lust- he was use to having that desire that rose when he needed to release his frustration.

But. He just didn't know. He didn't know all of these emotions or the emotions he felt for Julian. They hadn't known each other that long at all; and then they had one night together and suddenly... well now the small angel was pregnant. They both hardly knew each other and now there was a baby on the way.

At this point his hand softly caressed the gentle swell of his little miracle.
At first- Gabriel was disgusted with knowing about the child; about his double gender and the fact that his body betrayed him.

However- after Julian walked in to the picture, his point of view changed completely- well. Julian didn't exactly walk in, he forced his damn way in, then made a happy home deep into Gabriel's aching heart.

After an overly long shower the small angel stepped out, shivering slightly at the cold that slapped him in the face. Looking around the lavish bathroom had condensation and small water droplets everywhere. Mainly including the large mirror that the small teen stood in front of.

"Water water everywhere. But not a single drop to drink." He recited airily, wiping the layer of water off, finally seeing his own pale face staring back. "There we are."

"Beautiful." Julians low voice suddenly drawled; causing the poor angel to jump.
"Jesus Christ Julian. Don't sneak up on me like that. It's going to kill me and make me piss myself!"

The only response given was the husky laugh from the dark haired man- his eyes trained on the curvy body that his angel possessed, "I'm sorry angel, I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers."

From that a tiny giggle escaped the boy and he looked back into the mirror- when the giggles stopped and he really looked.
Gabriel was getting curvier and more defined.. there was a clear widening of the hips, pink pert nipples looked slightly darker from the hormones. Then there was the roundness of his delectable ass that made him look... dare he say more attractive.

"Look at me. I look so different." His voice held wonderment, but Julian had trouble seeing what was different.
The angel was still looking as beautiful and pure as ever. 'Maybe there was a certain glow to his skin that the producer just didn't see?'

All in all. Julian saw perfection. Pure delicious perfection that was the small angel, well. Maybe one thing could be changed.

So, with a plan in his mind Julian walked up to the boy's figure. Feeling much like a hungry animal stalking its prey... and the prey. Well the prey was stood stock still from seeing the feral emotions in His lovers Mossy green eyes.

"Julian..." the 'prey' rasped as he was suddenly caged between arms and a chest. The mans large warm hands were quickly working in removing the towel from around his waist.

"Now it's perfect."

Then their lips had joined. Lust curled between the two from that moment and Gabriel was quick to jump, wrapping his pale legs around the mans waist, getting held up and feeling the thick hardness against his rounded stomach.

"Ooh. Is that for me?" Purred the angel, suddenly turned into a sensual beast. The platinum boy suddenly wanted to have the man in as many ways as he could.

It seemed as if Moments had passed when Gabriel suddenly found himself face up on a large silken bed, with a very hungry male above him.

Hands caressed any bit of skin that was within reach, slowly and sensually, stimulating moans and groans from each person. It was only when Julians large hand wrapped around the angels member did the noises stop.

All words had died in the boy's graceful throat. Though the ministrations still kept going on the mans end, his lips were gently kissing and caressing the gentle dip of the boy's décolleté. Hand working steadily in bringing the boy to the edge of climax... Moans sang throughout the room, like an angels choir.

Julian was feeling nothing but pure contentment as he loomed over the boy. Kissing a line down the boys chest... adding a small swirl of his tongue to stimulate the goose bumps and the shivering. Finally he came to the crease between his thighs and gently nibbled, getting the boy to arch off of the bed.

"Oh God!"
"Hush you.. wrong person."

After one of the best blowjobs of his life, Julian was more than happy to pin the small angel to the bed once again, forcing down the delicate wrists and silencing the boy with one look. Tamed into submission so quickly that it had Julian cheering in the back of his mind, whereas the front was currently occupied by the small moans of ecstasy that escaped the boy whilst he was gently scissoring his wet tight hole. Though, one wrong move and the boy whimpered, drawing back just a fraction from the intruding fingers.
"Gabriel." The man uttered, leaning down to place an electric kiss on the Angels lips; taking time to extract his fingers and align his own thick and hot cock to the opening ring of muscles.

"I adore you." The words slipped off of his tongue, before pushing gently in and getting the boy's body to arch off of the bed.
Head thrown back in exertion and a raw cry escaping his lips.

As the boy moaned, the man groaned at the tightness of Gabriel. It was like a silk glove squeezing the length of his thick girth. "So tight." He uttered before pulling out and slamming back in again. Repeating the process over and over and over again until Julian flipped the boy over and had him get onto his hands and knees.

Pulling on the veil of platinum hair, Julian entered back into the angel once again. Enjoying the different angle and depth that was provided.

Not long after Julian watched as the small angel entered rapture, fully enjoying the post coital daze that came with mind numbing orgasms; the boy's legs were still twitching and sore from the attention, neck littered with lovebites and cum still steadily leaking from his flexing hole. However, Gabriel was more than happy to lay cuddled up to Julian Osiris... happy and content.

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