Chapter 10

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Julian was overjoyed, happy, more than ecstatic actually with the fact that this was the place that Gabriel actually lived. He had thought that the woman was lying when she directed him here, no yet. Here Gabriel was, standing right in front of Julian with a surprised look upon his beautiful face. Mouth open slightly and small shake in his left hand.

Clearing his mind of all that he could Julian coughed slightly before taking a step forward, making sure to wedge his foot in the opening of the door before offering the pizza to the frozen boy. "I uhh. Intercepted the pizza man and paid him for you." Julian shook his head and pushed further into the apartment, looking more and more interested in the interior and trying to ignore the stunned expression on the Angels face. Well until, "I don't want you here, so why are you here now?"

Small hands balled up against his waist, and face red. Gabriel looked absolutely ravishing in just a nightshirt that fell off of one shoulder. Julian swallowed thickly, shaking his head to rid the lewd thoughts.
"It's clear isn't it. I brought your pizza, and I'm here to offer you a job-" "I already have a job!" Gabriel interfered, glare coming across stronger as Julian was able to push fully into the door, and closed it behind himself.

The Angel huffed and quickly snatched the pizza off of Julian, and with a flick of his hair disappeared into the front room and looked at the closed cupboard door; small holes ranged throughout the door, there needed to be, that was where the puppy slept, and he was in there now.

Flipping heavily onto the sofa the younger took out his ponytail. Julian watched as it fell in a waterfall of platinum, and when delicate fingers threaded through the silky strands, it was- "Beautiful."
The Angel stopped what he was doing and looked quizzically at the blushing man, who in which replied, "Uh, the flat. Yes, the flat is beautiful.' And to prove the lie further, picked up the edge of curtain that was lazily draped over a window sill.

After five more minutes in silence Gabriel was fed up, he just couldn't eat with Julian watching him like he was going to combust at any given moment. "What are you doing here, get on with what you were going to do, or if you don't want to anymore, get out and quit wasting my time, I've gotta work in a couple of hours." And to stress his point the teen got to his feet and walked over to his bedroom and disappeared.

Most likely to get dressed, noted Julian, though the thought of greedy men watching his Angel had Julian's fists tightening in envy, and he went to the door and put on the latch. It wouldn't do much, just make Gabriel reach on his tippy toes if he was to open the door.
Moments later the Angel walked out and Julian had to adjust his trousers, the swelling of his cock was imminent and Julian did not want to frighten the boy.

Tight black booty shorts that were mostly covered by a tight white corset top thing. Pull on sleeves were attached to the corset and turned into long fingerless gloves, as well as long black and white laced stockings. Small two inch heeled boots and a black top hat that accentuated the white hair that fell in ringlets down the boys back. The very last item was the large white Angel wings that were attached to Gabriel's back; "Your not going out like that!" Exclaimed Julian as he finally realised that  Gabriel was actually going out like that, he could not have that, the thought actually had his fists curling and mind short circuiting.

Gabriel merely snorted and walked closer to Julian, his curls bounding slightly and a defying manner in his pale eyes, this was not going to end well. "Who are you? My mother? I don't think so." He was in an incredibly feisty mood today wasn't he?
Julian growled at the back of his throat and stalked up to the Angel. His head barely came up to Julian's shoulder, the height size was intriguing, but made Gabriel seem cuter. "No, but I can assure you. Any man that even looks at you twice tonight will be beaten to a bloody pulp." Forcefully, the man grabbed the teens waist, and pulled him tighter against his chest, loving the feeling of the small body in his hold.

Gabriel continued to struggle, cursing his weakness, but he wasn't. Why was his body betraying him? The teen questioned himself, he was actually a really good fighter, and he knew it too. He was more than good. So why was getting out of the assholes arms so bloody difficult? It shouldn't have been, not one bit.
"Oh? And who the fuck do you think you are?"

Only to be answered with a pair of moss green eyes, smouldering under scrutiny. Gabriel felt exposed, well, more than he was already. "I'm everything baby. And don't you even think about using that mouth for dirty things ever again kitten, or there will be consequences." Julian's patients had snapped, the way that he was being talked to was appalling, and the control had snapped. Usually Julian was so good at hiding when he was drunk, this was the one thing.

The big record producer forgot to monitor how much alcohol he had has before he came to the house after talking with the nice woman, and when the bottle of bourbon was opened, there was no telling about what was to happen next. No one knew, not even poor little Gabriel.

He woke in a puddle of sweat and... Well, something else. Clothes strewn all over the place and bedding thrown all over the floor. There was a scratching and whining coming from the door of the cupboard and there was a heavy weight right next to him.
Shifting hurt, breathing hurt and even the slightest fucking bit of movement. Turning, Gabriel came face to face with a very naked and very aroused Julian Osiris.
Looking down Gabriel wanted to cry at what he saw. White. It was come, he had had sex with the worlds biggest and top celebrity. The thought of getting pregnant completely slipped his mind, but the teen was intent on leaving, erasing all data of himself from the small apartment.
He did, hiding everything that would lead to the big man in knowing who he was. Everything was gone, and when he and the puppy left that morning, Gabriel was intent on running. Even ignoring his prescribed pills on the worktop in the bathroom...

...he woke an hour later, disorientated and feeling sick. He didn't remember any of last night. Other than pleasure, even closing his eyes now he could barely see it-

Harsh breathing left the small body as he moaned, nails scratching the surface of the elders back as he thrusted into the smaller party. Groaning in ecstasy at the tight heat that accepted his thick girth. Moans, gasps and grunts filled the room. As well as whispered caresses and kissed hearts.
When it was time the elder thrusted harder, shouting his praises to the high heavens and naming the boy an angel, pulling out when sated and collapsed next to the proclaimed Saint, spent, he slept.

Julian shuddered. Something was no right, "What happened last night?" For he had forgot.

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