Chapter 3

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Once Gabriel had walked off stage he went straight for the back room. The boots he had clicked with every step he made, every movement was perfectly calculated. That was how it was meant to be. Perfect, timed and was to be forever like this.

Gabriel was seventeen and was soon turning eighteen in only four and a half months, but the boy never really cared about his own birthday. He was taught to ignore it, he wasn't 'worth' a birthday. That is what they said anyway. That is also what he believed.
Gabriel didn't like to talk too much, only to sing or to the owner of the bar; Leon.

Leon was a forty year old gay man that was a big softie. The moment that he had laid eyes on a shaking and whimpering Gabriel he had wrapped his arms around the boy, soothing him and talking about 'Caged'. Being here now Gabriel could have never been happier, it wasn't like he showed it though.

Gabriel did have a family, once. Once he was as happy as anything, he had a mum and a dad with a younger sister. His mother and father were always happy and in love, acting so caring towards his younger sister; Rebekah and himself. Until one day Gabriel had came out of the closet, he told his family that he was bisexual. He had expected for his family to be angry at him. But no, his family had smiled and accepted this. However, then came the day that bad happened. Gabriel had been involved in a hit and run incident, beaten badly he had been sent to hospital.

Whilst in there the doctors had made a shocking discovery, Gabriel was able to have children. Physically produce children and was even able to breast feed them too. The doctors had explained this in detail, painstakingly long detail. Gabriel was a hermaphrodite. The doctors could not just tell it when Gabriel was born. But on that day Gabriel was found out. He had gone through puberty and he now had a womb and milk glands. He would not grow Breasts though, and he did not have periods. The doctors just explained that he could lactate and that he could give birth to children.

To say that Gabriel's family was shocked was an understatement. That was something that they could not take. Gabriel's father was reduced to drink. Gabriel's mother started to try and hook him up with different men, and Rebekah grew to resent Gabriel. It turned out that Rebekah could not have children. It was so cliché. Gabriel being able to give birth and Rebekah couldn't. That was why mother wanted Gabriel to hook up with men, she wanted a grand child.

One night one of the men that had seen Gabriel had apparently seen what he had liked, and it was on that night that Gabriel was raped by a perfect stranger. He remembered crying out and begging for his family to help him. But father was not in, Rebekah was crying in her room, and mother had locked the door. Gabriel's mother wanted him pregnant, she did not care if it meant her child being raped.
After that fateful night Gabriel had left and went to the doctors. Was able to get a morning after pill and escaped. With nothing but the clothes on his back and a small wad of cash in his pocket, It was that night that Gabriel changed his last name from 'Newton' to 'Redfern'. Named right after Leon. They had already met at the time and Leon  was then offering Gabriel a job to work in 'Caged' and Gabriel accepted instantly. A few years down the line and he was still happy...

... By the time that Gabriel had finished reminiscing his life he realises exactly where he was, and what he was suppose to be doing. He was a waiter and was at his moment in time suppose to be serving the drinks to people. Shaking his head he set off to the bar area and then he could get on with the rest of his shift. He needed to get home to see him
Shaking his head Gabriel thought back to that man that had taken to watching him as he sung. At first Gabriel thought the man was just an average joe and was there purely to see an expanse of skin. But once Gabriel was able to get a closer look he noticed that there was a sort of calculating look in the mans moss green eyes.
That black raven Wind swept hair and that five o'clock shadow that made the man look like an Adonis. The man was also wearing a business suit with a diamond checkered navy blue tie. So the man was showing a kind side to himself.

What intrigued Gabriel the most though, was when at the end of the song the man had looked at Gabriel as if he had found the holy grail. Personally the singer did not understand that one bit.
With an exaggerated eye roll to himself Gabriel left the comfort of the changing room, his hair now done up in a high ponytail that did not interrupt the small top hat on his head. Gabriel loved accessories, but not as much as he loved him...

....Julian sighed dreamily to himself, before realising what the fuck he had just done. Berating himself for acting like an idiot he went in search of that beautiful angel, the one who was able to make him think of that blonde. It was only with a flutter of those dark eyelashes that Julian had blown off every single other advancement throughout the entire night.

Joey was in the corner still getting drunk, an abundance of men were crowding around him like bees to honey. All the man was doing was waving a wad of bills in his hands and the men gravitated to that hand, and then once getting a good look at the man. Happily flirted, danced and stole the money off of Joey. None the wiser, he was looking around blearily. His eyes unseeing, quite literally. Julian scoffed at the back of his throat and made his way back to his drunken best friend, slightly disappointed that he could not see that angel again. Yet, anyway.

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