Chapter 17

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After that day in the park where Julian kidnapped Gabriel, the whole of the hospital staff had been on high alert and shunning out the expectant father much more. Every nurse, orderly, midwife, doctor and surgeon would ignore him and kick him out of the hospital room.

This was why Julian finally had had enough and decided to pull the Angel out of hospital and bring him his own home. The record producer was actually more than excited to be showing the singer his own home.
And maybe, just maybe Julian could have Gabriel consider a record deal or something to keep his mind off of 'Caged'.
Julian did not want Gabriel to work there anymore. Not when the Angel was pregnant with his own child. The heir to the Osiris name.

Once he was being brought out of the hospital; Julian planned to have Andrea become a private doctor to come and check up on Gabriel and the baby as regularly as she could. The reason for this was because of all the things happening. Seeing as a pregnant boy was like a 2% thing, ultrasounds were always welcomed and given.
The protective streak was actually a lot stronger now. So much stronger than before.

Gabriel was now 10 weeks pregnant and had the most adorable bump ever; it was so small and round, but rather defined; It could definitely be nothing more than the small miracle growing within that amazing Angel of music.

Julian wanted to see every change and development, cravings, aches, hormones and anything to do with the baby.

That was why he had sold off the Angels small apartment and moved Gabriel to his own apartment. The puppy was settling in nicely but tended to whine and pine after his master for hours on end. Ace was a good dog though, he really wasn't any trouble at all and was actually pretty well trained, however. Gabriel absolutely missed the husky mixed breed.


"Calm it Julian. Or you'll probably worry sleeping beauty." Joey suddenly whispered. Taking notice of the way that Julian was holding the boys hand a little too tightly as he stared of into nothingness, a rather vacant expression upon his face.

Julian physically jolted. Then nodded. He seemed to then realise that he was indeed going to wake up Gabriel if he had thoughts got any deeper and darker, probably causing him to squeeze Gabriel's hand tighter into his vice grip; which was clearly strong enough already due to his white and red knuckles.

Both men in the car then looked down to the sleeping Angel, he was exhausted after all of this time. And had fallen asleep within the first ten minutes of the car journey; head against the window with his left hand on his thigh and right in Julian's grip.

The baby was taking all energy out of him at the moment and Gabriel was often having two hour naps each and every day. This was actually the time that Julian cherished- not that he didn't love every moment - but this was the time that Gabriel would snuggle up and usually end up sprawled all over Julian's lap. The entire time the elder man would streak his fingers through Gabriel's long and silken platinum locks; holding back moans as he would find it amazing as to how the Angel trusted him this much, enough to actually touch soft skin and silken hair. Even if Julian felt he didn't deserve it.

At this moment in time. Joey and Julian were taking Gabriel back to the penthouse. Hopefully the Angel would love it and the small nursery that was made especially for the small miracle that was only ten weeks old. Also, with the nursery; Julian had also set up the master bedroom and had it renovated slightly so that Gabriel may share with him and spend his nights in Julian's arms, sprawled out and just sleeping. This was if Gabriel actually agreed to it though, he need only to answer now. Saying that the Producer was nervous, would definitely be an understatement.

"We're almost there." Joey muttered to himself as he watched the road. Not wanting to intrude on the moments that Julian was staring at Gabriel with such a tender look in his mossy green eyes.

Sadly. The producer had to wake him up though, seeing as the small Angel needed to be slightly aware of his surroundings whilst walking into the penthouse.

First off. Julian lightly kissed Gabriel's forehead, softly trailing his lips down to the singers brow where he finally kissed pale eyelids; causing the eyelashes to flutter slightly. After that, the producer moved down where he caressed a soft cheek with his lips before pecking at Gabriel's nose. Just before he was going to reach those soft lips did the Angels eyes slowly peak up into Julian's own eyes.

Eyes staying connected in one long moment that had the entire world fading away, and it was now just Julian and Gabriel. Which-

- was then disturbed by Joey clearing his throat and softly announcing that they had arrived at Julian's penthouse.


Once up at the penthouse doors did Julian glare at Joey. Causing the ginger to realise that at this moment in time he was no wanted nor needed.

Gabriel seemed rather content to talk and stay alone with Julian, plus. It was all clear that this was to be a private and intimate moment with both men.

So, with a small and happy smile did Joey kiss Gabriel on the cheek, bro-hugged Julian and left down in the elevator. Leaving the two lovers upstairs together.

The moment that Joey was gone was when Julian opened his door. Inviting the small Angel into his home- Their home.

A small puppy came bounding out of a hallway, straight away causing Gabriel to squeal happily and fall to his knees hugging and kissing all over his best friends cute and furry feature. In all of this, Julian was slightly worried with the way that the Angel just went to his knees, but brushed it off once he saw how happy both were.

Once Ace had had enough of his love did he finally bound away, going back to his lavish food that was laying out at the kitchen; Gabriel watched him go with a small and adorable look on his face that had Julian chuckling huskily against the small boys ear.

Walking forward a step he held a hand out. A sexy smirk on his face as he asked silently for the Angel to follow him.

Gabriel looked to Julian's hand and gulped lightly. It wasn't that he was scared or anything. It was just because of this feeling that the moment they touched; this was all going to become very real. He, Gabriel Redfern was no longer alone in this life.

He had an amazing man in his life who adored him. A best friend and a father figure. And to top it all of- he had the miracle that was inside of him.

With one hand on his middle, Gabriel used the other to place in Julian's oversized hand, and was slightly surprised at the Producer pulled the singer closer; leaning down and placing that long awaited kiss upon the Angels succulent lips.
"Welcome home Angel. Allow me to show you around."

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