Chapter 5

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It was half a week later and Joey was still not looking any better. Julian had no idea what was wrong with him. Julian did not want to think the worst about his best friend but there really was no other way. This was what made Julian call his younger sister to get some advice.

Andrea was her name, she looked a rather lot like Julian in many ways. It was just that Andrea was sweeter and had better emotions, whereas Julian liked to think that he hid his emotions pretty well. Well, most of the time anyway. It was pretty hard to hide the, in front of his angel. Gabriel. Oh how sweet and beautiful he was, that innocence and beauty combined with the ability to ooze raw sexuality with just a flutter of those long eyelashes.

After ringing Andrea she insisted that Julian take Joey to see her at the hospital so she can get him checked out. Whatever was wrong with Joey, would be found out pretty soon. It really did worry Julian though. It had been so long, and Joey was only so good at hiding his illness for a certain amount of time though. The red haired man whore could not hide the inner pain he felt when seeing certain people, when driving past the road that it all happened on. Or when he thought that no one was actually watching him. Julian hated it, but he never said anything...

... "Joey this really is serious. You have severe depression along with a harsh form of being an alcoholic. If this continues it could develop, going further and further until it may become something much more severe. If you continue down the path you are going down, I will make you be put in rehab. Or pretty soon I'll be airing out my black dress." Andrea continues to rant on at Joey. Her black hair whipping around her in all directions and then settling down again.
Julian was in the corner of the room, a look of concern was etched across his face as he worried over his best friend. It hadn't taken Andrea long to analyse what was wrong with Joey either. Julian did not know how he did not see it before personally, it was basically written across Joeys face, depression and a look of frustration. It made Julian feel sick for not even being able to tell there was something wrong with his friend sooner...

...It was later in the hospital that Julian finally sat down outside of the room that Joey was in. His head cradling his hands and his feet tucked under the chair. Where had it all gone wrong? Andrea had explained that the signs were as clear as day. But Julian did not understand, he couldn't tell. It makes him wonder if his mind ignored all signs and he just decided to see what he wanted to see. What he wanted to see was most likely a fit, healthy and funny Joey.

Julian couldn't help but feel like he had done something wrong. He had ignored him, pushed him away when other things came up. He-

"Are you okay sir?" A small and very memorable voice pierced Julian's train of thought. A pair of black converse shoes came into his line of sight. That was when Julian's heartbeat spiked and his breath was caught in his throat, he was here? A moment later Julian couldn't help but look up, his neck cracking as it finally was moved after a long time of no movement. It was all worth the pain though, because once moss green eyes settled on pale red ones Julian could not help the feeling that overcame his heart when Gabriel was looking at him with a small questioning look on his face...

... Gabriel swallowed thickly as the man from the other night looked up at him, those moss green eyes shining with an unknown emotion that caused the boy to shiver internally. Just think about what that man could do to you. His brain was going haywire whilst thinking about the man in front of him. With a subtle shake of his head Gabriel slowly walked closer to the distraught man and slipped to his knees in front of him.

He didn't know why he did it, but it was just like a silent command that made Gabriel literally submit to the man. It was clear that he was feeling sad or betrayed, maybe there was even a little self loathing in there. Gabriel could never be too sure, all he knew was that he felt sorry for the raven haired man.
Flicking a tress of white hair out of his eye Gabriel then took hold of one of the mans large hands. Big and calloused, the giant paws swallowing Gabriel's small petite hands within seconds. "Yes I'm fine. Just a little surprised." The mans voice was rough and coarse as he spoke. It was something that made Gabriel's thoughts turn southward and also had him blushing an insane red colour.

This did not go unnoticed by Julian as he watched Gabriel bite his lip in a flurry of arousal. It was clearly written across that pale face. Those unfocused eyes that were clouded slightly along with his pale skin that had blossomed a beautiful red colour. Julian did not know what caused these kind of thoughts in this moment in time. Was there anything that seemed the slightest bit attractive right now? He didn't really think so, not one thing...

... Then there was the awkward silence. The two men had nothing to say to each other. What was there to say really? Gabriel knew that the man must be going through something big, whereas the singer was just here for his best friend. Then maybe a check up. The young boy was ever hopeful that one day his womb would just disappear and leave him to be a whole boy. Each time that the mention of sex would arise Gabriel always found himself curling away and hoping that no one noticed. The truth was that Gabriel was only scared of pregnancy, he did not want to be pregnant from a one night stand and then have the father denying it. Let alone making the poor boy go through numerous tests. With a small shake of his head Gabriel chased those thoughts out of his mind and decided that he had spent enough time talking to Mr. Sexy and really needed to find his best friend.

... Julian noticed how Gabriel was about to walk away. He did not want the cute boy to though. So as Gabriel was about to take a step in the direction that he came Julian's hand struck out and wrapped around the singers thin wrist. The act definitely surprised the boy and caused those unique eyes to widen before he looked at the elder man with a questioning and yet frightened look. However Julian was just surprised as to how soft his angels skin was, it was smooth and warm under his cold and rough hand.
"I'm sorry." Julian apologised. "But I just wanted to introduce myself a little more. My name is Julian Osiris, and I would really like to meet with you another time. Regarding employment." Julian couldn't help but get closer and closer towards the blushing boy now. His free hand brushing away a lock of stubborn platinum hair that had fell over those beautiful eyes.

It was then and there that Julian than felt the tension in the air, the electricity that seemed to bounce and crackle throughout the air, thick and full of tension. They're faces came closer and closer together. Gabriel's eyelashes fluttered closed as Julian's lips started to get closer. They were inches apart now.
Julian's arm wrapped around Gabriel's curvy waist and brought the boy closer. Each contour of their bodies touching. Eyelashes flirting and then-
"Gabriel! Julian! What are you doing to my best friend. brother?" It was Andrea.

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