Chapter 7

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Adam Osiris was a very peculiar man. He was the father to two children and only had around five to six grey hairs on his head. He had a defined jaw and just a little bit of weight on his stomach. The man wasn't exactly the richest man in the world but he was a bit of a slob, and not the sweetest father in the world. He was known as a serial adulterer, always cheating on his poor wife with the spinster down the road.

Ophelia Osiris was very pretty though. She had dark chestnut hair that fell in waves down to her mid chest. Her skin was nicely tanned and she had the most amazing set of emerald green eyes. She was an amazing woman and an even more amazing mother, everyone was always complimenting her. On the nights that her husband was cheating she always found herself singing at the local pub or she would go and visit either one of her children's house.

Ophelia knew about both her her children batting for the other team, she had picked up on the signs and signals years ago when they would play with the opposite things. It really was odd to her at first, but eventually she figured that they were happy. As the years passed she had a millionaire as a son and a doctor as daughter. She really didn't care, she just supported her children, all the while plotting at how to get back at her cheating husband...

... Right at this moment in time Andrea was pacing in front of her father and mother, Julian was standing beside his mother smothering kisses all over her cheek causing the woman to giggle. She was one of the two women that he would ever actually kiss. The second being Andrea of course.
Andrea was trying to tell her father what she was, she was prepared for the consequences and the disbandment and the getting told off for being something that her father did not support Gays, he was actually rather homophobic. He even called Julian "fag" to this day too, and he came out when he was 14 and he was 24 now.

"Andrea for god sake, stop that fucking pacing and just tell me what the fuck is going on. I plan to go and visit the poor spinster down the road." Everyone in the room went quiet at that moment. Adam didn't know that everyone knew he was cheating on his wife. But every time he mentioned something like this he always wondered why everyone went so quiet, but then again Adam was not the brightest bulb.

Poor Ophelia was now shaking profusely, her poor old heart stuttering as she watched Adam start grooming himself getting read to go see 'Miss. Poppy Cunningham.'
It always broke her heart to hear this stuff. She still loved her husband even after every time he cheated. but she couldn't find it in her heart to really care. Though there was still hope that one day he would figure out what was going on. Julian was always trying to persuade his mother to divorce Adam so she could be happy, but. She just. She just couldn't do it.

"Wow father!" Andrea spoke sarcastically. "I knew you were desperate to get laid but really? Basically throwing my regards out of the fucking window because of it. Wow. Father of the year goes to you. Ok, you wanna know why I have made you sit down and pulled you away from your oh so special 'Miss. Cunningham.' I just wanted to tell you dad that I like fucking women too. Can you believe it, you like women and so do I. It's amazing isn't it? Huh. So go on then, go fuck Poppy, and I hope the door hits you on the ass on the way out." She had snapped. Andrea couldn't help what she was saying now. It had been so long since Adam had actually show. Any of their family any love, and she had had enough.

Adam stood there with his mouth unhinged. Looking at his daughter with a new found light. There was never a time in his life when Andrea had actually snapped at him, and he did not like it. But there was the fact that Andrea had just spoke to Adam as If he was a piece of shit, then went on to come out to him and state she slept with women.

Looking at the family now his gay son Julian was holding his crying wife Ophelia. His daughter Andrea was standing in the middle of the room with a hard expression on her face. And the entire family was looking at Adam as if he wasn't wanted. In which he wasn't.

So his family was all about being obsessed with the other sex then. This is really all that Adam could think, Adam was actually raised in an old military styled home; believing that all gays were wrong, but he did like to think he was open. He didn't punch them at least.
"Well I see how it is now." Adam muttered before turning on his heel, about to leave before his eyes landed on his sobbing wife. "Ophelia, I. You knew?" The poor mother only shook her head, her hair whipping around her face as she flinched back, covering her mouth with her trembling hands. "Yes I knew. But it's clear that this will not change. Adam I have known for an incredibly long time, and each time I hope that you will just come back to me. Though I can see that this entire thing will never happen. Adam, I want a divorce."......

... It was later that night that Julian barged into his apartment, a stack of paperwork held in his hands. All of the pieces of paper holding information on the divorce of his parents. Yes he had already had the paperwork involving their divorce and he was so happy that his mother had finally came out and said it. Straight after the words were out Adam had just basically shrugged and then walked out of the house, making Ophelia fall to the ground. His poor old mother had a broken heart..l

..."For fuck sake!" A glass smashed as the bottle of scotch was broke, Julian was sitting by the open window of his apartment with a recreational cigarette in his fingers. It was a trying night. Unfortunately Julian could not sleep as his mind continued to flicker between four things:
1) was his mother okay?
2) his sister being lesbian.
3) was Gabriel okay? And,
4) why was Gabriel so upset about his big secret?

Unfortunately it Was the entire night that Julian did not sleep. His main thoughts straying to his musical angel. That beautiful hair and how wavy it was, his creamy skin that glowed under a small light and that curvy and feminine body that held his attention.
Picking up his phone Julian pressed a button and brought the phone up to his ear. After a few rings there was a small click and then silence. "Diana I want you to call a man and set up and interview with him." Julian spoke, his voice slightly hoarse as he looked over the last line of the divorcement document whilst Diana spoke on the other end.
"The appointment name will be under Gabriel. Yes, Gabriel Redfern."...

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