Chapter 4

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However as Julian sat down he noticed the small and lithe figure of Gabriel as he cantered around the bar, a tray of drinks in one hand and the other was placed softly on his hips as he swung them from side to side in an enticing motion. It surely made Julian look harder. His eyes were drawn to his small figure, he was so adorable. But he also screamed 'sex appeal' as well as 'innocent'. That's was something that Julian could not deny.
So without further seconds delay the man put his hand up signalling that he wanted a drink. It was only moments later that Gabriel willingly sauntered over to the over excited Julian who by the way was thinking of new scenarios as how to get the man into his bed, or into his recording studio. Either one would do (but Julian still wanted the bed one more). ...

....Gabriel took a deep breath as want unfurled in his gut, the sparkling feeling of want was unwelcome in the boy's body. It was emotions like these would make Gabriel actually end up being pregnant. Especially now, when looking at the green eyed Adonis who was looking at his through a lust haze. Was the man drunk?
Gabriel had no idea what so ever. The red haired man next to the Adonis surely was drunk. The singer bet he could simply puff in the direction of that man and he would fall flat on his face, his body falling to the ground like a cut down tree. A small giggle escaped the boys throat as he thought of that, which did not go unnoticed by the Adonis.

A sexy smirk kissed the mans lips as Gabriel stood in front of him. But without a seconds delay Gabriel found himself straddling the man as he had been pulled into his lap. The mans large arms encased the small waiter in his grip and his nose was buried into white blonde hair. Gabriel hid his face behind the round tray and tried to shuffle out of the mans grip. This was highly inappropriate, which Gabriel decided to call the man out on. "Sir. If you will, this is highly inappropriate, especially if I am not a stripper. Which I just so happen not to be." Gabriel admonished, his brow creasing and heartbeat accelerating.

Julian merely hummed and skimmed his finger over the creamy porcelain like skin across Gabriel's neck causing the boy to freeze up and turn a pretty pink hue. Christ, he was beautiful.

Those pale red eyes lifted up and stared at Julian, his eyelashes fluttering and bottom lip was out in a petulant pout. The lip ring was reflecting the light and making Julian's desire rise ten fold. Oh, how he wanted to feel those lips upon his. What would they taste like? He had no idea, the possibilities were endless at this rate. It never really crossed his mind to kiss the boy though. It was as if something was telling Julian that the boy did not want this, however Julian could not just let go of his prize.

In his tipsy haze still Gabriel was trying to escape from the mans hold, this was wrong and he should not be here. Yes, the man was a sex God, more than that if you will. But it was never going to happen. The reason being because:
1) Gabriel trusted no one (with and exception of him)
2) the man was drunk and most likely just wanted a quick fuck.

These were what gave Gabriel the strength to actually push harder and break the grip of the Adonis. God, Gabriel did not even know the mans name. This was so fucked up, and just so much to take in for one night. He needed to get out of here, and quick.
"Have a good night sir." With that said Gabriel straightened himself out and started to walk away.
His soft hands were only just able to touch the staff door when he was pulled into another warm chest. Though this time the comfort was welcoming. Gabriel did not need to turn around to tell that it was Leon who was hugging Gabriel right now. "Are you okay Gabe?" The forty year old questioned. "I've never seen you man handled before. I'll send you home for the night of you want."

Gabriel didn't need to answer Leon for the man to know that the blonde wanted to go home. Who wouldn't? The kid was only seventeen and only god know how old the man up in the VIP section was. This was definitely a long night...

... The smell of coffee was prominent in the air, the bitter dark taste erupted in Julian's mouth making his taste buds explode, thus waking him up more and making the pain in his temple disappear. It was amazing at what coffee did to you on mornings with a hangover.

Last night around two in the morning Julian had hauled Joeys drunk ass into his penthouse; the man was gurgling and hollering all about the lap dances that he had payed for that night. It took around half an hour for Julian to actually put the drunk man to bed. Joey was only interested in drinking.
That was something about Joey that was sad. When Joey was younger he had fallen in love with a jock in college. It was love at first sight apparently. It wasn't long before Joey started to go out with this man; Aaron. Within two months the two lovers were actually saying 'I love you' to each other. Then many years later Aaron died in a car accident, he was driving away, Joey and Aaron had got into a fight. Unfortunately that was the last time Joey had seen Aaron. Since then Joey had been more or less an alcoholic.

Julian shook his head sadly at the memory of Aaron's funeral. Joey had tried to get his way into the coffin, when closing the hole Joey had tried to jump in, and when everyone was gone, Joey sat in the same place for two days straight. His forehead resting upon the newly erected tombstone. The marble being stained with tears and snot. Julian remembered those days well, Joey was so depressed.

The sound of a groan was heard from the long hall as Julian finished pouring a glass of orange juice, then placed two Advil on the counter next to the glass. These were needed to help Joey rid his hangover.
It was moments later when Joey came shuffling through the large kitchen, a hand placed on his head and a pair of sunglasses perched on his nose. Tutting quietly Julian decided to piss Joey off a little and cranked the radio up full volume. This caused Joey to let out a girly screech and fall against the wall.

Julian's chuckle rang throughout the entire kitchen. "Sorry Joe. But I owe you that, after all, you did throw up on my shoes last night." Julian continued to chuckle, even after Joey had left to puke up all of the alcohol left in his system. With another shake of his head Julian's mind wondered back to his angel. For the first time that morning he allowed himself to indulge in the thought of those pale red eyes, the long white hair that looked like spun silk and that amazing body of which Julian did fantasise about earlier this morning, and had to relieve himself. More than once.

Julian's thoughts were interrupted when his phone started to ring from the side, and he wasn't too happy to be interrupted whilst thinking about his precious angel. Before actually picking up his phone Julian looked at himself in the mirror on the wall and gave a determined nod to himself. "Julian Osiris speaking."

Oh yes, Gabriel would be in his arms pretty soon.

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