Chapter 14

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Gabriel came to with a wild beeping sound. A sterile smell was mixed into the air, along with a chocolate smell that came from his clothing.

Along with this, Gabriel was also aware of the bright wallpaper and lights; it didn't exactly take a minute to realize that Gabriel was in hospital, but why? Why was he of all people in- sitting up quickly the teen looked down at his middle.

It was more of a glare. Light red eyes boring into the slightly raised and glistening skin of his middle. Baby, the baby.
Eyes fluttering in anger, tears started to gather and his face went entirely red. Frustrated, angry and alone.

This is how the angel felt. Child. Growing within him, ruining and taking his life.
This, This was unnatural. He was a boy, well; on the surface he was a boy anyway. No one needed to know what he was.

"Why are you here, why did This happen? You can't.. Why!" He lost it. Small pale hands scratched at his middle, nails digging in and clawing at the child within. Each scratch burrowing deeper and deeper. White lines turning into red welts, and the red welts slowly turned into small beads of blood. Welling to the surface and bubbling up, and down the skin. Traitorous tears mixed in with the Scarlett, combining and falling down to the lower abdomen and gathering into the pure white and sterile sheets of the hospital bed.

That was the moment that Andrea decided to come running into the room; having heard the beeping of the alarm that alerted her of the fast heartbeat. The final proof that Gabriel was indeed in distress. "Gabriel. Darling please do not do that." She begged, running to his side and trying to restrain the small and bloodied hands.
She was followed closely by a memorable figure that had the small Angel stopping in his track. It was Julian, and he was just looking over the situation.
There was a five o'clock shadow upon his face, otherwise he looked completely normal. He looked like he usually did actually.

"Gabriel, I will be forced to restrain you if you continue with this behaviour." Andrea than admonished in a strict doctors tone, her eyes telling him of the battle that was fighting within her body. She did not want to hurt the teenagers feeling, or make him seem any less loved.
But Andrea was a well renowned doctor. Sought out from all over the world and very popular, and if she was to show any compassion for one boy. Well, she would of shown her single weakness in the world.

"But...but I'm a monster." The boy whispered, looking at his middle with defiance, "I am an abomination to this world and worlds beyond. This is unnatural, and I should not be-"
"Don't you dare to continue that sentence." Interjected Julian, his face set in a angry scowl as he stared down the teen. A loving look smothered with protection and anger. Gabriel cowered in his bed and pulled his bloodied hands closer to his chest.
"Inside you is a miracle Angel. Inside you is a child, and a mixture of both you and I. And if you want to rid it; well- I simply cannot allow it. You hold in you the heir of Osiris and I will not allow you to hurt it, or yourself." Now he came closer and took ahold of the small hands. Not caring that he smeared blood on his own skin.
"The child was conceived in one night of passion. Of blurred drunkness and sloppy moments. Forgettable actions and unfortunate injuries." Now the elder looked to the angry bites on the boys neck, grimacing and looking him back in the light red eyes.
"I am sorry for what I did to you my angel. And I hope we can work it out, but I can't not be part of our child's life." Then sealed it with a small and tender kiss to the knuckles.

There Andrea stood however. A shocked look covering her face before she silently crept out of the room, not wanting to intrude on the moment. Even if she was the auntie of the unborn child in Gabriel's womb. "I'm gonna be a auntie." She whispered to herself, a small smile creeping on her face before she stopped dead in her tracks. Almost bumping into Joey as he came racing down the hall out of breath.

"Hey Andy. Umm. Did I miss anything?" Andrea ignored the bumbling ginger and quietly pressed a finger to his lips, smiling up at the man as she pulled back and pointed to the room.

Where this moment in time gave the perfect caption on Julian kissing Gabriel's bloodied stomach as he cleaned up the blood, and the Angel. Well the Angel was looking warily out of the window and a wistful look on his face.

"I hope that he makes the right decision." Joey whispered as he nosed in on the pair. Only being slightly visible from the crack in the doorway.

On closer inspection Andrea could see the colour in Joeys cheeks. He was looking so much better than he was a few weeks ago.
No longer did he have pale and frail skin, cracked lips and dry hair.
He looked so much more healthier now. He had gained weight too.

This made the doctor so much happier. She no longer had to worry about losing her brothers best friend. No longer had to worry at all in fact, for it was clear that the healing process had begun.

Aaron was no longer fully stuck on the mans mind. It was a bad day that he died, and Andrea remembered it well. She was the one that had to stop the heartbroken man from killing himself. Of course; she never told Julian and kept seeing to Joey.

He was healing. There was no telling as to what was doing it. As to what was healing his poor heart, sealing the cracks and smoothing him over, but the doctor did have a sneaking suspicion as to what it may be. Not that Julian would still know.

"So," she began, leaning against the outside wall, "When am I going to meet this new man of yours?" This prompted Joey to freeze up, shoulders going rigid and back going straight.

Both Julianb and Gabriel could hear the giggles of Andrea even as Joey smothered her lips...

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