Chapter 23

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After that earth shattering morning Julian couldn't keep his hands off of Gabriel. Every time that he even saw the boy he was reminded of how much he wanted to put a ring on the boys delicate finger.

It was now 20 weeks into Gabriel's pregnancy and he was currently with Ophelia and Anthea maternity shopping.

Julian was doing his own kind of shopping though; whilst Gabriel was distracted with maternity clothes on one side of the city, Julian was on the other side shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Though he was in a heated work conversation on the phone and getting distracted.

"No Ruben, Angel is not going to go public. It doesn't matter if the fans are waiting, I don't care if they are all going viral on social media! You know very well why we aren't going public either. It'll do you well to remember your place. Bye."

It was a cold cut throat conversation. The public wanted Gabriel (Angel) to go public into the world so that he could do more, but for obvious reasons that just couldn't happen yet.
Yes Gabriel had accepted that he was pregnant and was excited, but he was already starting to get very self conscious about showing. Always asking if he looked strange or something along those lines.

It was very upsetting to Julian that his angel wasn't allowing himself to actually enjoy his pregnancy and getting to show it off. He looked radiant after all.

So when Ruben had called; Julian was more than ready to fight Gabriel's corner on the matter. There were some things that needed to be hidden from the world, and this was one of those things.
Yes when the baby was born then Julian was more than happy to go public, but until then- it would be complete darkness on Gabriel's side, no one would know who he was.

Of course Ruben was naturally trying to make more money for the company, but that was the thing. He was always money hungry and in it for the wealth. If an idea didn't male money then he didn't like it. Julian hated that about Ruben, however he was an excellent employee and always did good work that was never questioned,
So it's not as if Julian was going to fire him for his materialistic ways.

Though now was not the time to be thinking about the man. It was time to be thinking about a diamond worthy to grace the small angels finger, something pure and beautiful, just like said angel. The music producer had already looked in two diamond stores for a ring, but nothing had screamed 'Angel' at him yet.

The first store had had an overly friendly assistant who clearly didn't get the hint that he wasn't interested. Even when he had told the young man that he was looking for an engagement ring.

Then the second store just didn't have any rings that he didn't like; thankfully Julian only had to go through one bout of unwanted flirting today.
So now it was the last place and Julian was wondering if maybe he was being too picky. He really didn't think so though, there certainly must be some design that came close to the purity of the Angel.

"Hello there!" The shop assistants chirped once Julian had put the phone away and escaped this thoughts; she had been calmly watching the famous man enter the shop and then she had waited patiently for him to finish with all that he was doing.

She was a pretty thing.
Couldn't be no older than twenty three, had chocolate brown locks that fell to her shoulders and pale skin. Smatterings of freckles adorned each of her cheeks. Which were only enhanced by the thick rims of her glasses that framed a pair of pretty blue eyes.

"Hello. I'm here looking for a ring." Julian didn't feel the need to specify that it was an engagement ring; he was happy to use any sort of ring for that. It didn't need to be defined.

"A ring. Okay, these three display cases are the rings that we have in stock and are in price range from two hundred to two thousand." The woman explained as she dramatically gestured towards three large display cases that held all shapes, sizes and metals of rings.

There was over one hundred rings to choose from and Julian really did look. He stood there agonising over them for almost twenty minutes before Bella (the shop assistant) actually asked the man his price range.

"I don't have a price range. I would buy the world if I had to." The produced soppily admitted, more than happy to declare his love. Not that Gabriel had heard such a sentiment yet though, there was still time for that all. About another twenty weeks worth of time. Julian wanted to be engaged and get married to the Angel before his due date and before his beautiful baby was brought into this world. Gabriel would be Julian's husband,

"Then you might like to see these." Bella explained carefully; bending down behind the counter to look for some rings that must be out of most people's price ranges. Thankfully, Julian didn't have to worry about price ranges. Especially in this shop.

Bella stood up to her full height moments later; in her hands was a blue crushed velvet cushion that held five loose rings on it. Each one was more shiny than the last and never had he seen such clear diamonds.

And there, sitting in the middle of the five rings was the one. The perfectly beautiful ring that would adorn Gabriel's perfect hand.

There was no price tag on the rings

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There was no price tag on the rings. But that just made it obvious that the rings were beyond expensive and probably worth more than some peoples houses.

"I'll take that one." The producer uttered, still amazed at the image that his brain could paint.

"Certainly. That will be..."

"- I don't care about the price. Just box it up in your safest box so that it won't be damaged in anyway. I can't have that." Julian interrupted, going all cold businessman on Bella, but he didn't care- he had to be precise about this. There was only utter perfection.

"Of course." The woman muttered, shakily grabbing ahold of the ring with her gloved hand proceeded to prepare it for the box.

Ten minutes later Julian was racing back home to get to the condo before Gabriel did; he had promised to be waiting there for when the boy got back from shopping. He would most likely be tired and Julian really wanted to be there to make sure that he was okay for himself. Plus, he missed him.

After skipping out on two red lights the producer was finally able to make it home in time to greet the trio at the door. However he was more interested in seeing the Angel than his mother and sister then.

"Hello Angel. How was the trip?" Julian cooed as he brushed the platinum hair behind the boys small ear.

Both Andrea and Ophelia looked at each other with hopeless expressions as they basked in love that Julian showed to Gabriel. It was utterly adorable, but they did wish to be greeted as well.

"Excuse me? No 'Hello Mum'? Or 'Do you want a coffee Mum?'" Ophelia sassed, pulling Gabriel from Julian's arms and bringing the producer into a big hug.

But not before safely depositing Gabriel into Andreas waiting arms. Then they left mother and son hugging in the hall whilst they went to pack away clothes and go on a search for something edible.

Once Ophelia pulled away the biggest grin graced her lips. "Did you get it?"

With an adoring look thrown down the hallway Julian grinned back at his mother before pulling the box out with a flourish, "Only the best for my Angel."

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