Chapter 15

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Julian watched his angel with intent; his moss green eyes tracking every single move, breath or eyelash batted.

It was as if a sense of calm or peace had enveloped the waiters body and he had finally came to terms with the baby.
The evening sun was filtered through the hospital curtains and making his hair seem to be white. Skin to look like porcelain and pale eyes to shine in the light, as was the lip piercing that cast a bright reflection against the wall.

Gabriel was around 5 weeks pregnant now and his midsection had only just started to harden. There was no sign of a bump as of yet, but there was the mood swings and the total feeling of paternal pride running through the parents veins.

Well, Julian was more ecstatic than Gabriel, but that was to be expected. After all, it was only a week ago when he had woken to find out he was in hospital. Since that day, there seemed to be a mutual understanding between both parties, and Andrea. Well, Andrea seemed to be walking around with her head in the clouds.

"Are you going to stare at me all day?" Gabriel calmly asked as he stopped looking out of the Window. Eyes fixating on the staring record producer who just stared dumbly with his mouth open now.
Though, only moments later did it close and he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry angel. The sun really suits you." He complimented, coming around and handing the bottled water to the teens awaiting hands.

A faint, tinted red coloured the singers cheeks from the compliment and he looked down. Taking ahold of the offered water and screwed the cap off quickly before chugging half of it very quickly, "Thank you."

It was that moment that Andrea came prancing through the door with a nurse at her heels wheeling a ultrasound machine.
"And how are my favourite parents to be on this fine day?" She asked cheekily, pressing a finger to her lips and winking in Julian's direction. Of course, in return she received an angry look for ruining the moment. But, Nevertheless Andrea just ignored it and went to kiss Gabriel lightly on the cheek.
"How are you today Gabe?" She asks lightly this time. Taking ahold of the Angels small hand into hers and running her fingers over the scratch marks that were still to heal.

"I am... Content." His whispered voice came, a blush overtaking his cheeks as he realized that everyone in the room was looking at him; all eyes wide as they witnessed one of the most sincere smiles gracing his light pink lips.

It was around two minutes of dumb staring later that Andrea finally got Gabriel to pull up his top and expose his abdomen. Disregarding the fact that Julian was still in the room or anything.

"Now. Let's take a look at the little tike inside of you then, hm?" The nurse hummed as she squirted the gel like substance onto the teens scarred abdomen, being careful of the still fresh and open wounds that would make him wince.

Julian rounded the bed and came to Gabriel's side then. Slowly reaching down, and then took ahold of the boys small hand too. However, he brought it to his lips and kissed lightly at one of the marks that he knew that he had made.

Julian still beat himself up for the abuse that he laid upon the small and body. Forever he now had to face the burden that there will always be a small part of Gabriel that will be frightened of him, hell. Even Julian was now afraid of his drunk self. He was afraid of what he could do, would do or what he may do to Gabriel or the baby.
However, there is still that feeling at the back of his mind. Julian had to give up the alcohol, he had to hold back from the drink and hurting himself, as well as others.

The elder was brought out of his inner thoughts when a small whimper escaped from the Angels plump lips. A breathy whisper that had Julian quickly facing the screen- and froze.

It looked like a whole load of  grey and wiggly lines. It was like a small spotlight, and it was shining on the small blob in the middle of the screen. The small blob that was moving every few minutes then stilling again. Not only that, but there was also the swishing and comforting sound of a small and fast beating Heartbeat.

Tears streamed down Gabriel's cheeks as he cooed at the child on screen. Hands running against the tender flesh and cupping the bottom of his abdomen.
Everyone in that room had then realized just how prepared the Angel was for this child now. In the beginning, the singer did not want the child because of how it was not heard of, because how he would be teased and put down. Maybe, even making the child itself start to resent him. And now, here Gabriel was. Looking at the miracle on screen and listening to its heartbeat.
Living proof. Living proof that not only was a miracle living inside of his terribly small and lithe body, but that Gabriel was most certainly a hermaphrodite.
A true angel in disguise indeed.

When everyone was gone (except Julian) Gabriel finally opened up his eyes. His light red orbs flicking to the handsome man that was sitting beside him; concentrating on the small picture that had his child in it. His miracle. Gabriel as well as the child.

"That's our baby." Julian whispered, his thumb caressing the cold material that the picture was printed on. All the while holding one of his angels small hands as well. "Gabriel. I... Thank you." Th man was truly grateful, he truly was. Truly and deeply grateful that the Angel was keeping the child, had forgiven him and was now allowing him to be apart of that child's life, as well as his own.

A pretty pink hue took over the boys cheek and he slowly leaned in, and ever so gently placed a small kiss upon the mans cheek before pulling back a brighter red than before. Though, to Julian, a laugh just escaped him and he caressed one of the Angels heated cheeks.
"Your so precious angel," then looked to the picture clutched in his hand, "As is my cherub. My angel and my cherub. I'm truly in heaven."

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