Chapter 13

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Andrea looked over her best friend with a motherly care, her hands lightly massaging some cocoa butter into his midsection. She just couldn't believe it, not one bit. Her brother had gotten her best friend pregnant.

Andrea still had a hard time keeping that little squeal in. She was amazed, amazed that she would soon be an aunt and hold a small beautiful baby in her arms. Of course, Andrea had naturally kicked and then Punched her brother for what he had done and how he went about getting Gabriel pregnant.

When the teen had actually arrived at the beginning of the week everyone had been worried for the teen and the baby. It seemed that Gabriel had been drowning his sorrows and secret in alcohol. Almost giving himself a miscarriage, and losing the poor baby. That was when Andrea had made a decision that put the Angel in a medically induced coma whilst his body did detox, and controlled the baby hormones once again.

Julian came over the hospital everyday; always kissing the boys lips ever so gently and then kissing his still flat abdomen. Then he would sit there for hours on end and just talk to Gabriel and stroking his flat stomach, right where he knew the Baby was safely nestled. Then, earlier this morning the cocoa butter came in from Japan, where it was said to do wonders for the elasticity of skin. There should be no stretch marks on Gabriel's pregnant belly whatsoever. It was so thoughtful that Julian had actually purchased the expensive cream.

"You know. I still can't believe that I'll be a auntie. It's odd really." Mused Andrea as she continued to rub in the sweet smelling lotion.
Her green eyes raked over the pale Angel; a motherly and maternal warmth filling them as she gazed upon the crumpled and small form.

After that was done it was time for Julian to show up like usual, and again like usual he was staring intently at the boy on the bed. His own moss eyes filled with love and devotion, with the smidgen of lust. Of course, that made the elder receive a slap around the head, and a stern expression in her face.

"Right. How is he? How is the baby?" In which set Andrea off on a doctors rant about how the baby was fine and heart beating strong.
Of course, the child could not be seen on screen yet, well, it looked more like an oversized jelly bean at this point anyway.

The entire rant however, Julian stayed in a frozen state and looking at the boy in the bed.
His hair had lost its old shine and the skin looked waxy and translucent with illness. Julian hated this, he wanted to see those light red eyes that were always light. He wanted to hear that beautiful angels voice and touch that amazingly soft skin.

He felt bad for what he did. He felt more than bad actually. Being as the millionaire was drunk, and under influence it was like a blur. He only ever got small flashes of what happened that night, and he knew that all he did was bad. Going by the scratches and wounds Julian was not a fair lover that night.

"Did the cocoa butter come?" It was rather obvious. The smell of chocolate was thick in the air and coated all of the boy's body.
But Julian just didn't care anymore. He felt terrible, he felt as if he had killed someone and not made a new life.

The way that he had discovered the angel was nearly too much. The poor angel trying to kill the child with alcohol and lack of food. The producer was just happy that he found the teen when he did...


A few days later and Julian's head was going to explode. Joey was in the room and reciting a damn sonnet that was more than likely gonna get stuck in his head.
Sometimes, Julian did wish that he could ignore the damned red head easier; but no.

"Love alters not with its brief hours and weeks.
But bears it out, even to the edge of doom.
If this be error upon me proved.
I never writ, nor no man ever loved." There was a quiet atmosphere after the last line. Joey was stuck looking at the producer who still looked as if he wanted to kill himself.

Of course, Joey was not stupid and knew that Julian was still listening no matter what. Still, Joey was not going to pretend and say that he did not see the man cry, and cry in this instance actually.

Right at this moment in fact; there were times when Joe had cried himself and Julian hugged the red head. It was now Joeys job to help Julian with his own open wounds.

Not a moment later and Julian was sobbing into his best friends arms, curled up like a child and tears streaming down his now blotchy cheeks.

"I don't eve remember how it lead up to us having sex. All I can see is how much I hurt the delicate angel. How much I bit, scratched and held him. There was so many whimpers, and I was not even the tiniest bit delicate. I inflicted the pain and I did not even care one bit.
He even tried to kill the child. I never thought I was going to get the chance to be a father, and along came my chance to actually be called 'Dad.' Gabriel didn't even want the child. This was his secret, this is what scared him so.
Joey. In going to be a father, in going to be bad." It was clear that Julian was happy about being a father. He was more than happy about that in fact.

Joey gave a tight lipped smile and was about to reply before the phone started ringing on the table, and Julian was picking up the receiver. Listening to what was being mumbled excitedly down the other side.

In moments the biggest grin crossed his face and a spark Entered those moss green eyes. He had woken up.
-"Gabriel has woken up!"

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