Chapter 8

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The inconsistent ringing of the phone pulled Gabriel from his slumber, his eyes all bleary as he looked around his small bedroom before his pale reds landed on the offending device. With a small grumble he shifted and picked up the piece of plastic, his fingers fumbling to find the right button before he found the small green button. Moving again Gabriel pushed some hair out of his face before listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.

Moments later the small boy was screaming at the device and slammed the plastic down, an angry expression marring his delicate features as he gave some more harsh words before looking over to Ace. The canine was watching him with big blue eyes that shine and gave out a silent question. Gabriel could never stay mad for too long, especially when it involved Ace. Ace was his stress reliever; the small pup was always there.
"Sometimes Ace, sometimes I hate humanity." The singer sighed as he got up off of his small bed, smoothing out the sheet before looking outside.

Glittering sparkles of rain fell from the heavens. Each tiny drop making the world look magnified and more beautiful, spiderwebs were accentuated and leaves sparkled in the dim light. The teen loved rain, especially at night when he went to sleep.
There was also another reason. For some odd reason Gabriel was always turned on by rain, he had not the foggiest idea why. He was just aroused by the sound.

Walking away from the window Gabriel stripped down from his night shirt and threw off his boxers. Walking bare to the bathroom the singer slid the shower curtain shut before turning on the shower, and within moments the whole room fogged up and the teenager couldn't help but to write something on the mirror. Small pieces of skin were shown in the reflection. Gabriel's hairless body.
That was another odd thing, Gabriel had no hair on the manly parts of his body. Hell, no hair on his armpits, legs, chest and even his groin. There was just none, it was peculiar. The teen couldn't even grow a beard.

Finally down pondering his thoughts Gabriel stepped into the shower, the scalding water turning pale flesh red within moments, dry locks turning into a waterfall of spun gold as he washed out his hair, and his lithe body relaxed finally under the spray.

The singer tried to ignore the rain, hoping that the regular problem did not occur, but unfortunately within moments he was switching the shower from hot to cold. A small pink blush stained Gabriel's cheeks as he reached down to his throbbing member, lightly stroking the hard appendage before giving a breathy moan. Hips bucking slightly before getting a firmer grip and stroking harder. An unwanted picture of Julian Osiris entered the teens mind, and he had no choice then but to come, his moans were small but in moments there was his seed splashing against the shower.

Once finished Gabriel stepped back out of the shower and quickly dried before dressing.
Some black skinny jeans with a white button down shirt checks before a pair of brown shoes. He put in his lip ring before braiding his hair and getting Aces' lead and he walked out of the apartment, locking it behind him and guiding the puppy along with him.
There was no way that Gabriel was going to have an interview with Julian Osiris. Why would he? Gabriel thought that he couldn't even sing after all...

... Julian was annoyed, pissed even. His Angel had not shown up, actually went as far to give his poor assistant some choice words. The woman was rather surprised, and Julian couldn't really blame her.
Anyone who was anyone knew that the record company was the biggest and hottest throughout the world; and having someone turn down the company had the woman amazed.

Downing another scotch Julian turned to his sister- she was sitting prettily with a appletiser held between her hands, looking down with a sullen expression on her pale face.
"Lighten up sis, what is so bad about what you said?" It was harmless aimed toward Andrea, though it was obvious that Julian was prying. He couldn't help it! He was desperate to know about the beautiful boy that had enchanted him, that siren song was beautiful.

Those garnet eyes and that creamy skin, like the smoothest of silks. Kissable blushing lips, most likely dewy soft and tasting like vanilla. Then his waterfall of hair that had cascaded over his shoulders, framing his perfect face.

It took a lot out of Julian to not sigh in pleasure then. Instead opting for shuffling closer to Andrea. Careful not to place his hand in her tomato soup as he placed his hand in front of her face, gathering a few stray tears.
"How is the divorce papers coming?" It was a good subject change, Julian had to give his sister that at least.

Clearing his throat he took another sip of scotch, putting his hand up for another scotch before looking back at his frowning sister- "They are coming along nicely. They should be ready to be signed pretty soon, then mum will get half of what dad has, though I feel mum should get more."

Shaking his head Julian continued to down his drink, only wincing slightly at the harsh burn in his throat. "That's good! I'm so glad mum finally decide to leave that prick, he stopped being my dad the day he forgot my age and birthday. The icing on the cake was when he abandoned you. I'm just sad that mum has spiralled into depression." Andrea looked down sadly, again her mind falling to her poor mother.

Julian understood. His mum had been depressed for a while now, always hiding it from her children who wanted to know what was wrong. They both loved their mother dearly, and seeing her sad set them off.

"Anyway, that really does not need to be discussed. So tell me brother, what is it that you have with my best friend Gabriel? Hmm."

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