Chapter 16

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At 6 weeks pregnant Gabriel was itching to get out of the hospital. He was just about ready to claw his way out of the nightmare. Restless and irritable, this is how he felt.

Day in day out it was all the same in the end. Julian was ever the same, protective and loving. Always apologizing for what he had done and always getting the Same annoyed look from the small angel who was sitting in bed with an annoyed expression.

"Julian. What's done is done. I forgive you. Now, please can you shut up and find out if I can leave yet." Gabriel seethed, nails scratching at the linen of the sterile hospital bed.
Julian opened his mouth to reply, but was stopped by the old nurse that had a constant sour expression across her wrinkled face. Julian knew that he was now going to be forced outside. Nurse Beth really did not care that the record producer was close to the patient at all. This always happened; he was always getting kicked out or shunned into the corner of the hospital room. Well, Andrea was at least a little bit more passionate and allowed Gabriel and Julian in the the same room together whilst check ups were performed and whatnot. The one thing that Julian could not understand however, was how his Angel had managed to capture nurse Beth to love him so. Maternal instincts? Things in common? He really did not have a single clue-

"Julian! C'mon mate. What're you spacing out for?" Suddenly came Joey's insufferable voice, which actually succeeded in snapping the man out of his inner musings of the Angel and sour giant.
There Joey stood; an extra large and hot coffee in one hand and the other had a spare of change clothes in. Still on the hanger and freshly pressed. So, it was clear that the past playboy had a class today.

The raven haired man gave a heavy sigh and went to stand next to the professor with an apathetic look upon his sharp features. "Gabriel wants to leave the hospital and its dreary rooms. But the nurses-Beth- tell him 'No' and say that he isn't ready yet. Poor Gabriel is cooped up in here, and I'm telling you now Joe, that the fresh air will do him a whole lot of good, not only for him, but also for the baby." He ranted, abandoning his post beside the ginger and opting to pace the length of the hospital hallway.

'Joe' made a slight growl in his throat and then looked pointedly at the pacing man. "Firstly; I prefer my actual name of Joey to Joe. If you could make it to the end, and I would be most delighted and happy. Secondly," 'Joey scoffed back a small laugh at this. "You ever thought about kidnapping him?" He then joked, taking a sip of his extremely hot costa coffee that sad 'Professor sexy' on the side of it with a small kiss under that.

Though Joey did joke with Julian. It was crystal clear that Julian was taking the Joke was too far. For when the professor once again looked at the producer; it was like the cat that caught the poor damned canary. "Oh no! You can't be serious. I was only joking Julian. J-o-k-e. Ever heard of the word and its meaning. This will be stupid, and you will get into so much trouble with your sister, his best friend." The teacher tried to reason. Only to be shot down by the excited Julian, who just kept getting more and more worked each moment this farce went on for.

"You said it yourself Joe. It'll be just like a date. The perfect and magical date that I never got to take my angel on." The producer explained, a very rare look entering his mossy green eyes. From that moment there, Joey wished that he had never met Julian Quinn Osiris.


"Julian, where are we going?" Gabriel asked, looking down at the wheelchair that he had been placed in. His platinum hair was in a plat and there was a pair of pair of spare clothes literally falling off of his small and lithe body.
"I am taking you out for a few hours." Explained the green eyed man; his face was grinning from cheek to cheek, personally he looked a tiny bit creepy to Gabriel...

All of the worry was forgotten however; when the two man reached the close by park that was not too far from the hospital. Gabriel had perked up immediately and started to take in the fresh air that the park had to offer.

"Thank you for 'kidnapping' me." Gabriel suddenly spoke, slowly rising to his feet and carefully getting out of the wheelchair. Of course, which prompted Julian to help him a moment after it was clear what the Angel wanted to do.

There were willow trees that hovered above a small lake/pond. The lake/pond also had a bridge that lead to a small gazebo on one of the sides, and a swing and a slide set that rested on the other. Behind the slide was a small garden patch wth beautiful flowers and a bench, which was all surrounded by cherry blossoms and plum blossom trees.

 Behind the slide was a small garden patch wth beautiful flowers and a bench, which was all surrounded by cherry blossoms and plum blossom trees

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Julian offered his arm towards the small and awed Angel. Immediately enjoying the heat that was given off as he helped Gabriel walk over the bridge; talking animatedly to each other the entire time. Even going so far as to having the singer Lat his head on the elders shoulder.
Not too long after that was Julian pushing the Angel on the swing.
He swore he could see the Angel wings upon his back. That platinum hair sweeping out behind himself and the beautiful tresses escaping that plat. The Raven man admired the beautiful sounds given off my Gabriel; those magical giggles and cherished laughs. His holy singing and enchanting humming.
The humming was continued further on as Julian escorted Gabriel along the flower section. And again, he found himself admiring the Angel as he held out a small hand, looking up and catching the delicate pink petals of each blossom that fell. An actual, peaceful expression upon his elfin like features.

"I would like to thank you Julian. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. I wanted rid of the miracle inside of me because of my blindness. I just couldn't see the big picture and realise how lucky I really am to have a power, a gift to carry a living being inside of me. I tried to kill our child. And I am sorry for that." A few translucent tears fell down the Angels cheek as he turned to Julian. Pulling the man to sit down on the oak bench next to him.
"I will make it up to you. For scaring you when I was too blind to see." The beautiful angel continued.

"But you don't need to see Gabriel. You merely need to sing to see your way in the darkness." Explained the producer, speaking quietly as he leaned down and captured a chaste kiss upon the Angels soft lips.

"Come now. Let's get you back to the hospital before Joey kills us. We did leave him in a hospital bed after all."


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