Chapter 19

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A beautiful long driveway surrounded by synthetic Palm trees was what greeted both men that night. Gabriel Redfern and Julian Osiris stared determinedly down to house that was 150 feet in front of them. It was the Angel that was worried more than the other.

Gabriel was absolutely frightened of parental figures since the night he was raped. He would much prefer to stay away from all parents for the rest of his life due to these reasons. But no! No, Gabriel was stuck to be shown to parental figure for the rest of his life.

This was where he held in a whimper as the car pulled into the drive. Allowing him the view of the oak garage doors; allowing him the view of the 4 security cameras that stopped people from stealing the cars that were hidden within.

"Come on Angel. My mother is so excited to meet you." Gabriel resisted the urge to ask how she knew all about him. Nut figured it was probably mothers intuition once again. He shuddered. "Is it okay to say that I'm scared."

This brought a chuckle from the elder man as he escaped the car, walking around the other side and opening it to allow the small Angel out.
"She won't bite Angel. Maybe hug you to death. But I won't allow her to do that. We have got to look after our little one after all." At this, Julian patted Gabriel's small bump with a look of complete adoration on his face.

When the two finally knocked the door it was met with a resounding squealing sound that echoed throughout the entire house. "Oh my god. They are here. Andrea get your ass down here. Julie's home." Julian growled lowly under throat; clearly not liking the nickname his mother had given him.

However. What caused to annoy Julian only caused the small Angel to giggle; he was still ever so nervous about this meeting but he was at least the tiniest bit eased now.

Well. That small bit on confidence evaporated the moment that the door swung open abruptly: showing off the true beauty that is Ophelia Osiris. Sadly Gabriel didn't have a moment longer to study her before his face was squished into a pair of heaving breasts as the elder woman hugged him. "Oh Julie he is just so small and precious. I could do this all day, and you've been holding out on me."

It was true. Ophelia had knew about Gabriel from the very start, but had never intervened due to the divorce and the whole pregnancy scare. Julian just figured it was best that the Angel meet both of the parents on his own free will. It seemed now that Adam was no longer in the picture so that gave the producer one less thing to actually worry about.

"Yes mum I know, and I'm sorry. But can you please let him go, I don't want him to faint on you." Julian fretted, stepping forward and taking the singer back, as well as placing a small kiss upon his mothers cheek.
"Oh my Julian. I'm so glad that you're home." This was when a few tears escaped Ophelia's eyes as she went back through the memories of her leaving Adam and never knowing if she was going to be a grandmother.

"Ma' please don't cry." Julian then worried. Pulling both the small Angel and his mother to his chest; catching them in a hug that was full of warmth.
"Mum? Are you keeping Gabe and Julie out in the night?" Andrea's voice rang; echoing down the hall. And moments later the beauty was standing in the entrance wearing her signature doctor coat and stethoscope around her neck.

"Of course I'm not you sop," Ophelia scoffed, pulling out of the hug. "I'm simply greeting my son and his lover. And I was about to invite them in." So, she then pushed Julian and the small Angel into the house.

Revealing a vary vast and homey hallway. The entire house actually had a warm feeling to it, as well as smelling like garlic and warm cooking. It was the smell of food that actually reminded Gabriel that he was indeed hungry, and as was the little one for that matter.
"Darling. The little heffalump is hungry." The Angel spoke softly, lightly stroking his stomach as he walked into the giant kitchen.

Surprisingly that was when Ophelia jumped into action and started to coo and fuss over the small boy

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Surprisingly that was when Ophelia jumped into action and started to coo and fuss over the small boy. Exclaiming how she needed to help feed her grand baby and how she wanted to be called 'Nana' and not 'grandma'.

"So Gabriel, how far along are you?" Julian's mum spoke later that night. When all four people were sitting down to a spaghetti with garlic bread dinner. Which, just so happened to be Gabriel's favourite dinner.

Before Gabriel could reply to the question it was both Julian and Andrea that answered '10 weeks' at the same time; only to be shut up with a glare from their mother.
"In case your name is Gabriel. I suggest that you don't answer any of my questions." The woman threatened, pointing a finger at both of her children before looking back at the small boy.

"Neither Julie or Andy told me where you work, I'm actually rather interested seeing as my son adores you're voice." 'Nana' then gushed, taking a sip of wine with her food.

The whole table went quiet at that moment. Both siblings stopping what they were doing to look at the Angel, and said Angel looking down with a blush before looking back at Ophelia bashfully.

"I work at a all male club called Caged. I don't do anything remotely sexual there, I can promise that. However, I do work as a waiter and singer there. It's one of the only homes I've ever actually had. The owner; Leon. He found me on the streets and took me in. I changed my name and then I started working, earning and soon I was living in a small apartment- sorry, I'm rambling." The teen apologised, looking away in shame.

Silently above the table did the family communicate. Andrea was sending a look of sympathy towards her best friend. Julian was silently telling his mother off and Ophelia cleared her throat loudly. Breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"A singer eh? Well. Now, you're voice I must simply hear. Would you mind singing for me 'Julian's Angel'? Maybe I'll get to see why Julian wants you to work for him so much."

That moment was gone. It was all easy again with the small boy looking down and blushing for a completely different reason. "I would say Angel is a little too much. It's a nickname, and I only sing so I could pay my rent. In fact I-"

"Oh Poppycock Angel Gabriel. You will sing for us."

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