Chapter 12

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"Now darling sister, I do believe there is something that you are not telling me, your own flesh and blood." Julian's advances were no use, Andrea continued to glare at her elder brother. Arms crossed and glare set in place. Well, all up until-


Gabriel woke to a consistent ray of sunlight on his face. The pale blue curtains did nothing to keep the sunlight out. Small pieces of dust were visible, as well as a few spiderwebs. That was normal, the teen was in the attic anyway.

At this moment in time Gabriel grumbled and blindly felt around him, his small hand coming to wrap around a thin glass top, the neck of the bottle was cool to the touch and had the waiter gasping quietly, then continued to pull the bottle of whiskey to his cracked and bloodied lips; the foul taste had his face grimacing and heart clenching at the painful liquid.
From there it was the usual routine;
Wake up.
Throw up.

It had been two weeks since the Angel had escaped Andrea's house. He had went to the second most safe place he could think of, which just so happened to be bunking in the attic of 'Caged.' Of course Leon allowed him to, Leon also allowed Gabriel to drink to his hearts content. The Angel was only so happy to, and this day really was no different. All except one little detail-


"A hermaphrodite?" Joey was sitting on the kitchen stool, peering suspiciously at Julian as he continued to walk in a circle, his mind going over ever little bit of the medical record;
Patient's name: Gabriel Anthony Redfern
Date of birth: 9 /10/1998
Social Security Number: 881-24-1221
Address: Unknown
Telephone number: No current cellular device
Please release my medical records
Name of provider: ---
TO: Julian Quinn Osiris
Attorney in legislation: Joey Parker- 324
Please release all records, including but not limited to, progress notes, operative notes, laboratory test results, diagnostic tests, and x-rays.
Date: 00/00/00
Patient's Signature: GRedfern
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Allergy/Allergies: Levonorgestrel, ethinylestradiol (Oral contraceptive)...

Julian had searched up all he could about that term. It appeared that Julian was a mix of both genders, being able to reproduce and feed his children to, actually grow round with children and give birth to them. The thought of it actually had Julian rather terrified, thinking of a pregnant man. However, upon thinking of a pregnant Gabriel, well, he had not escaped the bathroom for a whole hour.
Right here, right in front of him was a chance, the golden apple that was hanging in the tree, this was perfect. Julian could not, for the life of him, keep the smile off of his face.
"Exactly, here read this. Oh, and by the way, I used your name to get the files." Joey only shook his head before diving into the information, eyes scanning the fact that the poor boy could not even prevent a child. "Poor kid, only 17 and he can't even think about saving his womb. This is actually very interesting, and you went and fell for the small percentage, a waiter and a bisexual Hermaphrodite. Congratulations are in order for that one Mr Osiris."

Julian quickly turned around once his phone started to ring, hopefully it would be some good news about Gabriel. The man had been searching for two weeks now and there was nothing, little snippets here and there, other than that, nothing, zero, zilch.
"Yes, this is he. Thank you, yes. Okay."


Gabriel was hunched over on the floor. Tears falling freely from his red eyes and hair was all over the place. His small and lithe figure was huddled in on itself, a hand placed deftly on his stomach as he felt sick once again; he wanted to die, he wanted off this earth, but things were stopping him, too many things and they were all piling up on each other, seconds, minutes and hours Gabriel wanted out, and now. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen, even wth how much alcohol he drank, in hopes of drowning out his sorrows.

Weariness and fatigue took over the teen then, his mind swimming in a haze that only heightened his ability to sleep, and in that moment even the floor looked incredibly inviting. But there was a bed not two metre away, and that was more likely to be even more comfortable than any other thing in the small attic, that was full to the brim of spiders.

After a large struggle of crying and throwing up Gabriel had made his destination. Curled inwards upon himself and cuddling a half bottle of vodka to himself.
"I want to die." He whined to himself, finger trailing slowly up the neck of the bottle until he reached the rim, then back down again. The whole time his free hand rested comfortably on his stomach, willing the sick feeling to dissipate, well, all until there was a hard crash and creaking sound at ten attic door-


It took a whole of ten minutes for Julian to reach caged. A doctor by his side and a bodyguard by the other, all three men walked in tandem as they walked through the club. Ignoring all off the day patrons and clean up crews, even ignoring Leon, but Leon was not ignoring them. "Hay! Is there a reason that you have all barged into here?" Of course, with a flick of his wrist and the bodyguard was speaking in hushed tones to the owner, the doctor not far behind in describing in fine detail as to what is going on.

After ten minutes of explaining what was going on and medical terms, medical records were handed to the owner and as was adoption papers. Paper after paper was handed over until Leon had no choice but to allow the men to the attic.

He did try to fight, to struggle and not allow the men upstairs, but Leon did know all about Gabriel and he was worried for the boy. There was something definitely wrong with the singer, and Leon did want to know too.


Upon entering Julian was assaulted with the smell of alcohol and vomit, tears were streaming and there was a little figure hunched up in the corner. Huddled in on itself and a hand placed delicately on its stomach.

Gabriel looked terrible; hair strewn about in different directions and small sobs racking the small body, but he was also rocking back and forth, lips trembling and murmuring a small set of words to himself.
Leon went to go to the teens side, but was stopped by the bodyguard and left a walk way for Julian. It was only Julian that Allowed himself in the room, it was only Gabriel as a target now. He needed to go to the doctors and get a check up, because if Julian was right, then Gabriel was definitely-
"Pregnant. I'm pregnant."

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