Chapter 1

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Julian sighed as he pulled up at his long term friends house; Joey.
Joey was a 32 year old play boy that was coincidentally gay, just the same as he was too. Julian had known Joey ever since they were in college together, on the first day Julian had kicked the homophobes that were picking on joey. Ever since then Joey was attached to the hip to Julian, and now years along the line Joey and Julian were best friends.

In this moment in time Julian was severely pissed at joey as he was forced to go to this gay strip club. Yes, Julian was gay too, and he was open about it. Especially to the public. He would have it no other way either. Julian was not scared of what he was, and was happy to admit it to the entire world.

"Julie! I'm so glad you're here!" Joey's flamboyant voice rang out as he came bounding towards the RollsRoyce that Julian was currently sitting in.

The mans red hair was spiked up in all directions and his skin was tanned slightly. Julian would describe Joey as being slightly attractive, yes. He would sleep with him. If he wasn't such a man whore, and the fact that Julian did not even like red heads.
"I prefer Julian Joey. That is my name. Or would you rather I call you Josephine?" Julian growled with a mocking question at the end, his face taking on a slight sneer at the end. However Joey just shrugged and jumped into the car then promptly decided to bang his hands upon the dashboard. Julian only rolled his eyes and then stepped on the gas, the car roared to life and they were off to the strip club...

... Joey was squealing and skipping around as Julian exited the car. His face was set in an emotionless mask as he nodded at the oversized bouncer at the club opening. Looking up Julian read the sign on the door:Caged.
The sign was a black bird cage with a pole in the middle and a dark silhouette of a man was dancing on said pole, wrapped around the cage was red ribbon and it was shaping out the name of the club.
Julian was broken out of his fascination with the sign as Joey screeched from inside the club. "Come on Julian! It's beautiful in here." And then that was followed by giggles, all made by the red head.

With a shake of his head Julian stepped inside the club and stopped. It was beautiful. There was a main stage right in the middle of the room with two pairs of steps on each side, there was a pole in the middle of the stage and it was surrounded by curtains. On the other side of the room was another stage, this one was smaller and was clearly for other dances that would most like spur any man on. Above Julian's head were bird cages that actually had male strippers in, a pair of wings attached to their backs as they all gyrated again the cages doors.
There was a flight of steps that lead up to the second level of the club for where the VIP sat-which Julian was- and on the bottom floor were private tables. The bar was in the corner of the room, a large space with a pole either end of the bar, and large mirrors reflected the entire space of the room. This club was amazing. But yet Julian still held a impassive face and shrugged as he trudged up to the VIP section.

Joey was watching him as he sat down, his eyes alight with happiness as he was glad that he was finally able to get his best friend to come out with him to a strip club. Everybody knew that Julian needed to loosen up. Besides, there wasn't just stripping here either. That is what Joey liked the most though. Not being able to contain his excitement Joey raised his hand up, demanding for some vodka shots and a pint of beer.

Julian shook his head as he watched Joey neck back the shots as if they were water. It hadn't take long for the red head to get drunk, especially with vodka in his hands. Whilst Joey was screaming out nonsense Julian actually took a good look around, watching all of the dancers and the strippers. Every single member of staff had a pair of white wings on their back. This must be the dress code, he thought to himself as he took a swig of his beer. The dry liquid slipping down his throat in a fast motion, causing Julian to wince and then look at the beers label.

"Hay Jules?" Joey asked. "Wanna get a lap dance?" Joey leaned in close to Julian now, his breath washing over the younger mans face and it smelt of vodka. Julian shook his head as a silent no and got up out of his seat, dodging the extremely tanned stripper that was making his way to a hooting Joey.
Julian was not very interested in lap dances or even hookers, he was more interested in the personality and yes. Maybe he was also a little bit interested in appearance. But what else would one expect, face it. He would never go out with a man that was butt ugly and watched porn to get himself off.

Sitting himself at the bar Julian spread his fingers, looking interestedly at the skin. He was bored, he didn't want to look at the people stripping, he didn't see a point in it-
"You okay?" A small voice broke Julian's thoughts and made the man look up. It was the barman. He was slightly attractive. Black raven hair that was a short back and sides with a nice pair of crystal blue eyes and a body that was easy on the eyes. Julian looked appreciatively at him before nodding his head and ordering a scotch. Yes, it was an old drink but it always made a nice warm feeling spread throughout Julian's body.
Once getting the cold glass in his hands Julian wasted no time in taking a sip and then thanking the barmen. "Are you here for Gabriel?" That question made Julian's ears perk.

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