Sing To Me (BoyXMan) (Mpreg)

Sing To Me (BoyXMan) (Mpreg)

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calmspirit1221 By calmspirit1221 Updated Jul 25, 2017

Julian noticed how Gabriel was about to walk away. He did not want the cute boy to though. So as Gabriel was about to take a step in the direction that he came Julian's hand struck out and wrapped around the singers thin wrist. The act definitely surprised the boy and caused those unique eyes to widen before he looked at the elder man with a questioning and yet frightened look. However Julian was just surprised as to how soft his angels skin was, it was smooth and warm under his cold and rough hand.
 "I'm sorry." Julian apologised. "But I just wanted to introduce myself a little more. My name is Julian Osiris, and I would really like to meet with you another time. Regarding employment." Julian couldn't help but get closer and closer towards the blushing boy now. His free hand brushing away a lock of stubborn platinum hair that had fell over those beautiful eyes. 

It was then and there that Julian than felt the tension in the air, the electricity that seemed to bounce and crackle throughout the air, thick and full of tension. They're faces came closer and closer together. Gabriel's eyelashes fluttered closed as Julian's lips started to get closer. They were inches apart now. 
Julian's arm wrapped around Gabriel's curvy waist and brought the boy closer. Each contour of their bodies touching. Eyelashes flirting and then-
 "Gabriel! Julian! What are you doing to my best friend. brother?" It was Andrea.

Julian Osiris is one of the top music producers in the world, every person wants him, men, women. That is until Julian meets a young singer at a strip club one night. There's one thing that I forgot to mention. Julian is gay, and he wants the young singer. Badly, but what will happen if that one night that Julian gets, comes crashing down around him with two words. "I'm pregnant."


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CowMeow CowMeow Jan 16
I feel like your just describing Dave Strider with long hair *-*
karadaboss karadaboss May 15, 2017
😭 why does no one like red heads??? My peoples are dying from only being 2% of the population!!!
Rosemary-Sensei Rosemary-Sensei Jul 08, 2015
so I usually only read fanfiction, but this is actually pretty good!