Chapter 9

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It had been a week since Julian had last seen his Angel. It was odd actually, he had went back to the club but the boy was not there. In fact, Julian had also bought Joey with him for a lookout, and still. There was no Gabriel.
Julian had no idea how to fee; how was he suppose to feel?

The feeling of want was new to the man. He was so use to having the money, cars and men that he never really had this burning desire before. It was so hard to explain, feel, hell, he could barely control it- Andrea had laughed at Julian when she had asked him those weeks ago-

"Anyway, that really does not need to be discussed. So tell me brother, what is it that you have with my best friend Gabriel? Hmm."

Julian felt like hiding his head in his hands, that was not a question that he wanted to be asked. She could have asked any other question under the sun; asides that one. "Sis, I beg that you let that question go." He really could not talk about this, the romance. The mixed feeling, besides, talking about them with his sister.

But unfortunately Andrea shook her head and had a Cheshire grin creep up on her face. Those eyes lighting up and Julian was so sure she licked her lips. "No. Nu-uh. You are not dodging this. I didn't want to question it sooner, but the embrace I caught you in at the hospital was adorable. I swear you were gonna kiss, I was so close to fangirling actually." And that was when she seemed to remember what happened after the fangirling. Her eyes dulled and lips pulled into a small frown. Julian did not want to have his sister sad, yet he still did not know what she was going to say.
Leaning forward in his seat Julian cleared his throat and fixed her with a questioning look, ignoring the drink in front of her and took her small hands. "What were you going to say?" As soon as it was said Andrea looked defensive, pulling back so fast, then continued to pull out her purse and laid Money on the table, ready to leave the bar.

"Andy, please don't leave over something so small. It's not your fault." He continued to follow the figure of the woman in front of him; making sure to lay the right amount of money on the table first. Then proceeded to find his sister, who had clearly decided it was best to wait next to the car.

Tears were streaming from her endlessly green eyes as she looked up at the stars. Surprisingly though, she was actually laughing! Julian thought she was going mad. Why would she laugh?
"You really care for him don't you? You may not see it yet, but there is something about him isn't there? I noticed it, I'm sure you will eventually."
The ride home was a quiet one, the whole time Julian was mulling over the sea of reasons as to what his sister meant...

-flashback over-
Julian was back at 'Caged' this time with a plan in mind, and now was the time to put it into action.
The first step was easy, going to the dance floor Julian looked directly up, not surprised upon finding no occupant in the cage that usually belonged to the white haired Angel. By standing still for only minutes people eventually started to notice Julian Osiris in the club. Their minds clicking into place.
Within moments lots of gay men were grabbing at Julian- each one asking if he wanted a lap dance off a private strip tease. Julian would've been happy for one a week ago, but not so much now. He only wanted one person now; who was not amongst the crowd actually.

It was minutes again before Julian was personally escorted to the back of the club where he saw a woman sit. She had long blue hair that fell to her mid back, it was all curly and stuck up at certain places. Her build was slight, but definitely there. Light purple lipstick along with a tattoo that was placed on her neck; a pair of angel wings with a letter 'R' in the middle.
"Hello Julian. I'm Liza, the deputy manager of caged. Why exactly are you here?" It was quick and straight to the point. Liza was a head on, take a bull by the horns type of person and that much was clear.

Looking around the room Julian noticed the pictures of the employees on the walls; strippers, waiters, bartenders and then the one singer.
Gabriel was wearing a white tunic with black tight shorts along with no shoes in it. A pair of large white Angel wings were spread out behind him and his hair was whipping around him in a defying trick of gravity; Julian was distracted by the picture. His endless green eyes trying to take In every aspect of the beautiful angel, almost afraid that the boy in the picture would leave him.

The clearing of Liza's throat had him looking back at her, only, she was looking at the picture of Gabriel with a smile in her face. "I know that look, he's your Angel isn't he? I love Gabriel. He's like a brother to me, so full of life and so shy. It's cute, no one ever has looked at him like that before, other than your sister. Is he why your here?" Julian was momentarily interested in the fact that Liza knew Andrea, but was quickly dismissed once her realised that Liza really did know Gabriel.
  "Yes. Please, I'm begging you, please. I need his address. You know my job, and I love his voice, please. Tell me, I... He's an angel. My angel."

Gabriel was waiting for the pizza to be ordered; his hair was up in a high ponytail and was twiddling a loose piece of thread from his nightshirt. It was odd, Gabriel never wore bottoms to bed. He just... Couldn't. He was always going to wear a white nightshirt that draped off of his curvy frame, not much a contrast to his own skin really.

Finally after going over the lyrics to a song the door knocked rather frantically. Frightened slightly, Gabriel walked over to the door, damming his height as he couldn't reach the peep hole before crossing his fingers and slowly opening the door.

It all happened in slow motion, because the moment that the door was open, Gabriel wanted to close it again. There, on the other side of the door they stood, he stood. The great Julian Osiris, and Gabriel had a bad feeling creep upon him when he spotted the pizza box in his hands...

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