Chapter 6

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Andreas eyes landed on one of the most odd sights she had ever seen. Her gay brother with his arms wrapped around her bisexual best friend. What an odd position to find two men in, she knew that is she were two seconds later they would be in a lip lock scenario.

Oh that would make her day. Just imagining her best friend and her brother together was like an actual dream come true. Especially since Andrea also knew about Gabriel's 'medical condition' there would also be the pitter patter of tiny feet around too.
She could imagine it now, Gabriel pregnant with children and Julian rubbing his swollen belly. His hand resting lovingly on the taut flesh as he also kissed Gabriel on the shoulder. There would be a small child sitting on the floor too, their eyes bright and happy.

Andrea was clearly in a little fantasy land, this gave Gabriel enough time to pull away from Julian. Being careful enough to not make sudden movements and he knew that Andrea would pick it up. But what Gabriel could not believe was that Andrea was the sister of the sex God, the sex god that was currently staring at him as if he would eat the poor singer for breakfast. The singer did feel rather awkward as to feel like a piece of fresh meat.

"Andrea?" Gabriel tentatively took a small step forward. "Are you okay, you seem a little dazed?" Andrea then proceeded to start squealing and ran forward, tackling the poor blonde boy into a life threatening hug.

"Oh my god! My best friend and my brother. Together you will both make beautiful babe-mph!" Gabriel was covering Andreas mouth, glaring at her menacingly and with red rimmed eyes. How dare she almost spit out him most agonising secret?

That was when Julian actually realised what was going on. Andrea was obviously about to tell Gabriel's biggest secret. Though he did wonder why it involved himself he would never know.

However he did know that now the poor boy was heart broken, as there was a stunned silence Julian did take notice of the big tears shimmering in the light of the hospital.

Those tears threatening to fall from where they formed. Unfortunately though a few did escape, causing Julian to want to coddle Gabriel. To take the small angel into his arms and whisper sweet nothings in those ears. To kiss the poor bus cheek and smooth down that beautiful long golden hair.

"How. Could. You." Gabriel choked out. His voice hoarse and scratchy as he tore away from his best friend, it was as if she was poisonous and he did not want to be infected. She had betrayed his trust, in the most worse of ways. Gabriel hated what he had; a womb. He hated the fact that he could produce a fucking child.

It wasn't that Gabriel was against children. Oh no, on the contrary Gabriel absolutely adored children. It was just that he could make children, and that was not right to him. But it really did not stop the young angel from going on again. "I have entrusted you with my biggest secret. The deal breaker, the card layer.
The secret that I only tell if I find it necessary. I had told you this fucking secret with the utmost trust in you. You are my doctor but foremost are my fucking best friend. I have kept your biggest secret, the o e that even your fucking brother standing next to me does not know.
Then you go and almost blurt out my secret by just me being in the arms of said brother. What the fuck is wrong with you?" It was the longest that Julian had ever heard Gabriel talk, bit from the looks of it, it was needed.

Moments later Gabriel stalked down the hall. His hair swishing in a calming rhythm as he stepped, his hips also working. Creating an enticing view that Julian could not help but to stare at.

However he turned back around when he heard his sister let out a small sob. Her head in her hands as she started to pace the expanse of the hallway. Julian was not going to lie to himself, he was interested in the secret that his sister had not told him. What was it? Was she ill? No. Julian knew that she would at least tell him If she was ill. But, what if she was?

With a shake of his head Julian walked up to his sister, embracing her into his arms and soothing her. Cooing into her ear. All the while Andrea was just sobbing, her body shaking in Julian's grasp as more and more cries tore through her entire body.
"It's okay Andrea. What happened? Why are you crying so?" Julian was determined to know two secrets at once. He could find out why his angel was so pissed off and why Andrea was crying so much.
"Please tell me Andrea. I love and care for you. Anything that you are going through I will happily agree to. So, please. Just tell me." That's was when Andrea looked up. Her eyes red and puffy from tears, she looked tired and strained too. But it didn't stop Andrea from smiling sadly.
"Father will kill us brother. Imagine how he would feel. He only has two children, a boy and a girl. A boy who is gay, and a girl that is..." Andrea swallowed deeply, her face turning pale. "-a girl that is lesbian."....

... Gabriel cried and cried. Sitting in his small and find down apartment, the only company he had was a Small dog. A mix breed between a beagle and a husky. Though the husky was more prominent in appearance wise, but the height was basically from the beagle. The puppy was so small. Gabriel had found him a year ago and had named him; Ace.

Right at this moment in time Ace was whining. Wondering why Gabriel was crying so much, it wasn't really often that Gabriel did cry anyway. But unfortunately right now Gabriel was feeling heartbroken and betrayed. His best friend was going to tell a gay man that he had just met his biggest secret. Sure, Andrea knew who he is, but Gabriel certainly didn't. Plus it was not her secret to tell...

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