Chapter 22

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It was the sound of birds chirping that woke Julian the next morning.
His sensitive ears picking up on all sounds in the room was the next thing to happen; there was a ticking clock in the corner of the room that seemed to be rousing the other person in the bed.

Gabriel was still in dreamland at this point, completely unaware that he had a besotted man watching his every move as the smaller man slowly roused to wakefulness; this moment was perfect. Julian had never been more content then he was right now, right here in this large bed that held the two most important things in his life. His lover and his child.

At that thought Julian couldn't resist his hand from slowly caressing a path all the way down to the gentle swell of Gabriels baby bump. At 18 weeks pregnant the bump was harder and way more defined now. The small angel was almost half way through his pregnancy and couldn't be anymore beautiful.

As the music producer continued his loving touches there was a half awake pregnant boy who was still half way in dreamland. His dreams were filled with delightful images of a bouncing baby boy. A boy with wispy delicate hair and mossy eyes, as well as dreams of a darling daughter with dark black hair, soft supple skin and his own red eyes. The dreams were everything that he could ask for, everything that he could want.
He didn't know if he wanted a son or a daughter-


Either gender was perfection. As long as the baby had 10 fingers and toes then he was happy-


He could imagine it all now. There was a future ahead of the small angel that he so desperately wished for, the future that he-




Finally the insistent sound of a ticking clock stopped all train of thought that Gabriel had. It snapped him from dreamland; away from his potential future that could be, a future that he wanted.

"C'mon beautiful. Wake up, open those wonderful eyes for me." Coerced the music producer, finally moving his hand from where it was and bringing it to stroke the boys soft supple cheek.

"Too bright." Was the only thing grumbled back, right before he tried to fruitlessly curl into a small ball and stopped just as quick when he realised that there was a bolt of delicious pain that was nestled right at the base of his spine. Obviously caused from last nights ministrations. Nevertheless it still had a hue of pink takeover the boys cheeks.

The blush that now stained Gabriel's cheeks has the music producer grinning from ear to ear; finding it obvious as to why the young singer had stopped moving so suddenly. He knew that there must be some pain from the night before still, but hopefully not something too painful for him. Hopefully it was nothing like last time-

-last time.

All thoughts sobered for Julian when he remembered about that night. The night that he had savagely fucked such a perfect angel, causing him hurt and pain. So much pain that the innocent angel had ran.

Yet, here the boy was now. Staring lazily at him through half lidded eyes. Lashes delicately fluttering as he blinked. "It's not too bright. You just need to adjust to the morning and not the inside of your eyes." The producer quipped finally, after having pulled his mind from that dark place.

The only response was a childish pout from the singer before he gave a cheeky smile and daringly laid a hand upon Julian's strong thigh, squeezing suggestively before he started to move slowly up, inching his hand in such a provocative way that it became too much- at this point Julian had even forgotten to breathe!

"Or, how about you spend the day with me in bed?" The angel purred as he gripped Julian's hardening cock, squeezing gently before he started to lucidly move his hand. All actions being made easier as the pre-cum lubricated his thick girth.

Squeezing his eyes tight Julian hissed a breath between his clenched teeth. Certainly trying to keep ahold of the pleasure that was now radiating throughout his whole body and echoing into his brain, fogging it up and causing a haze of lust that was only directed at one person: Gabriel.

In a moment of madness Julian grabbed ahold of the boy and pulled him closer, loving the feel of his naked body and cute baby bump against his own. His body still sleep warm and pliable in his arms.
The entire time the angel was still stroking his lover into madness. Only now he could feel Julian rutting against his hand, thrusting his hips and trying to get more friction going. It was so Hot!

Biting onto his lip ring Gabriel suddenly didn't care that he was still aching from yesterday. He didn't care that he was a pregnant boy with a skinny body. He knew that he wanted to please and ride his Adonis of a man into a more docile state.

Suddenly stilling his hand had the elder man whimpering ever so lightly, still rutting furiously; only at this point Julian had decided to start nibbling down on Gabriel's long slender neck, once again leaving more love bites to rival the ones that he had made only hours before.

It was all starting to get more intense now. The room was thick with a sexual tension that could only be broke in one way. Julian needed Gabriel like air to breathe at this point. Fuck waking up and getting out of bed! He wouldn't move away from his angel anytime in the near future, maybe even eternity.

These thoughts were all interrupted however as the platinum haired boy suddenly moved himself to straddle his lover, having let go of Julian's weeping cock cock completely he was now happily situated eye to eye with the green eyed Adonis, and continued to keep eye contact with him as he lowered himself completely onto his hard member.

Moaning in utter bliss the boy there his head back, his long hair swinging with the motion before it fell back into a long curtain of disarray on his head. It was so sexy and sensual, but still, Julian could not look away from those beautiful red eyes. Eyes so unique that only his little lover possessed.

He needed friction though.

In moments calloused large hands gripped onto the hips of the boy. Encouraging him to move in a controlled rhythm. It was intense.
He could see the foggy pleasure in the boys eyes now, lust swirling deeper within and consuming him.

Julian was very sure that the same feelings were reflected in his own at this point. The tempo was starting to get sloppier now as the small angel demanded more friction. He was now bouncing in a quicker pace, trying desperately to achieve that orgasm that he was chasing.

With a quick movement Julian had his small angel's cock in his own hand and he was moving in an alternate tempo. Causing an ear shattering moan to escape the singers whisper pink lips before he closed his eyes in rapture, cumming all over Julian's hand and stomach. The whole image caused Julian to cum himself, roaring in satisfaction as he released himself inside of his angel, his lover, his whole world. God how he wanted this boy. He wanted to marry him. He wanted to wake up to him every morning and he wanted to help him get his wings and fly with his beautiful voice.

But Julian did not say any of this as the whole world calmed down around them. Back to reality now, Julian only took ahold of his lovers cheek and whispered "Yes I'll stay in bed with you Angel."

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