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Aubrey's pov

"It's confirmed! You're crazy! You're even crazier than Tyler when he's angry! How can you even think of doing something so dangerous?! Haven't you learnt your lessons from being kidnapped? Do you seriously want to die?" Drexel's voice resounded around his apartment.

   "It's Jullie, I can't just sit by and watch her stay kidnapped, I must do something!" I argued with him.

"Why must you do something? Tyler warned you to stay away, are you seriously going to defy him?" Drexel asked, looking straight into my eyes.

"Look Drex, Tyler is in no shape to handle Alessandro, and I know very well that Tyler wouldn't give up the parcel for anything in the world, Alessandro wants to kill him- I have to save both Jullie and Tyler." I said with determination.

"Tyler doesn't need your help! He told you that he had it under control, and he specifically told me not to let you out of the house, because he knew you would think of this."

   I rolled my eyes at Drexel... Fine, this was a stupid idea, Alessandro was a really bad guy and messing with him was one stupid thing. But it's Jullie for crying out loud- and it's been three days, I wonder why Tyler wasn't taking this kidnapping issue serious, he just kept telling me that he had it under control and that Jullie would be fine. 

But I knew quite well that Tyler was confused, he didn't know what to do and he was taking his time to heal- more like Alicia told him to stay put and Detective Davy Jones put up some police officers Infront of his room so that he wouldn't be allowed to go out.

   The day we watched the video, Tyler made an attempt to escape from the hospital, but Davy was quick to master his movements, Alicia had to beg the doctors to give him a sedative.

If it were up to Tyler, I was pretty sure Jullie would be saved by now- but would Tyler be alive?

I knew quite well that Alessandro didn't just want the parcel, he wanted to kill Tyler; and I will never let that happen.

That is exactly why I've decided to take up the responsibility of saving Jullie, since the cops don't even know what to do anymore.

"I know where she is. I can help-"

"I'm worried Aubrey! Your plans never work, you're just like Fred from Scooby-Doo! His plans never work!"

"Stop exaggerating."

"I'm not- OK, tell me, when have your plans ever worked? First of all, you decided to help Tyler deliver his parcel, and guess what? You ended in prison! Secondly, you thought stealing his parcel would help you get your revenge, guess what again? The parcel got stolen from you! Thirdly, you decided to pay the black mafias a very happy visit to discuss a price for the parcel, and guess what again, You got kidnapped! Now, you want to save Jullie from Alessandro- and guess what, I'll have to go shopping for a black shirt and trousers, because you're definitely not coming out of this one alive."

I sighed and stood up. "My mind is made up."

"To die?"

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