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Aubrey's pov

   With my ear plugs connected to my ears, I jogged back to Drexel's apartment, feeling really fit. It had been a week since Tyler and I got back together, although, our relationship still had no name to it, but with the way Tyler acts these days, I was beginning to consider him as a boyfriend.

As much as I tried to stop myself from falling in love with Tyler, my attempts have proved null, being with him was what I wanted, I knew I might get hurt by my decision, and by letting myself fall for him, but it was worth the shot.

A short time of happiness is better than a long time of sadness and loneliness.

  Ever since I started this thing with Tyler, my one rule was to not like him, but after everything, we all know that it was expected, we don't know the ways of our heart.

      Tyler had kept to his promise, he didn't go after the parcel, but there were sometimes when I would catch him making weird phone calls to God knows whom, but I didn't question him... As long as he doesn't talk about it anymore, I won't bring it up.

But it was hard to believe though, it was hard to believe that Tyler just dropped the issue, something that he had been groomed to fight for. And most of all, it was hard to believe that he did it because of me.

That alone made me fall deeper into his world, it made me imagine a life with Tyler, a life that was free from gun wounds, gun shots and life threatening experiences.

But, that was all in my imaginations, dating a Mafia comes with its disadvantages.

Buzz buzz

My phone vibrates, I answered the call as I neared Drexel's apartment.

Drexel's calling?

"What's up? I'm close the house-"

"I know, but- is there a reason why a moving truck is parked Infront of our house, packing your things?"

My eyes widened, "What? What do you mean packing my things?”

"Yeah, they're not answering my questions, can you hurry up?" He said.

"Sure, I'm almost there." I said, hanging up and rushing to Drexel's apartment.

Lo and behold, a moving truck was parked Infront of Drexel's apartment, with my things already in brown boxes.

I walked to one of the men, setting my things into the back of the truck. "Hey! You! What the hell? Who gave you the right to touch my things?" I asked him with a glare.

Drexel came out soon after.

"I've tried to ask but they just ignored me and pushed their way in. It's like they don't understand English." Drexel muttered.

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