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Tyler's pov

"Why didn't he come in person?"

My voice echoed around my big office, I was currently talking to the secondhand man of another mafia clan, Mr Russo, he was short and bald, he had the kind of discription of a crook.

He was a crook, a selfish short dwarf, he was not really a dwarf, but I loved to call him that.

"Mr Alessandro is busy, and as his second hand man, I'm here to discuss the sale." Mr Russo said.

I sat up straight, "what do you know about the parcel?" I asked him, placing my hands on my chin, staring at him with a bored look.

"I know that the parcel is very important to you, I know that your dad left it for you and you have not figured out how to open it... I know that you can sacrifice your life for it, and i know that you're trying to dupe Mr Alessandro, because you can never let anyone get their hands on that parcel." Mr Russo said.

I looked up at him, a satisfied look on my face as I nodded. "And you're going to help me dupe Mr Alessandro?" I asked him.

"Yes, I am... But for something in return." Mr Russo said.

This dwarf thinks he can strike a deal with me?

"What do you want in Return?" I asked him.

He gave a sly smirk. "We're going to share whatever's in that parcel fifty, fifty, plus 4 million dollars worth of drugs."

I scoffed.

The parcel was very important to me, if there was a word better than important, then I'd take that... The parcel was more important than my life!

My dad left this parcel for me before he died, he said that any Mafia would buy that parcel, for any amount of money, billions, trillions... I didn't know what was inside, neither did any other mafia, and that was what made the parcel wanted all over.

Actually, my plan was to dupe Mr Alessandro, collect his money and cook up a story about the police, seizing the parcel from the delivery, knowing fully well that all mafia's in Vino da Vinci, hated getting involved with the police.

"Do we have a deal Tyler?" Mr Russo's voice echoed through my thoughts.

I looked up at him with a half smile. "Yes, yes Mr Russo, we have a deal."

Mr Russo smiled happily.

"I look forward to working with you Tyler, who do you have in mind to deliver the parcel? We both know you can't leave your mansion for just a stupid delivery?" Russo said.

"I have someone in mind." I said.

My Russo scoffed "who on earth would be willing to go to prison for you?" Russo asked.

"That's none of your business dwa- Mr Russo," I stood up and extended my hands for a handshake. "Here's to a short time of partnership... Hope to see more of you in the future." I smiled... Guess what? I never smile.

Mr Russo stood up and accepted the handshake.

After that, his short self left my office.

That fucker has to be really stupid to think that I would strike a deal with him. I'm Tyler Bresfort, and i don't do deals.

I picked up my phone and texted Gray.

She was the only one that I wanted to see right now, she was the only one I trusted to make me satisfied, in bed, and in the kitchen.

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