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Aubrey's pov

I knew he was lying.

I woke up few hours ago, thinking I'd find myself in the hands of that bastard, Carlos. But here I am, in Drexel's house, staring at the blank TV screen.

When I woke up, Drexel told me that the black Mafias dropped me off earlier today, but that sounded really lame; I mean, why did Carlos kidnap me if he was just going to drop my sleeping body at Drexel's front door, why didn't he kill me?

I also knew it was a lie because I just heard the news, the club I went to earlier, was said to have been burnt down to the ground, same was the black Mafias estate.

Somehow, I knew it was connected to my release.

My mind kept going to Tyler.

Was he involved in this? Did he set me free? Does he care about me after all?.... Most of all.  Is he okay?

I raked my hands through my hair.

"You okay?" Drexel's voice came up from behind me.

"I'm not- I just watched the news Drex, the Territory of the Black Mafias has been burned to the ground, no survivors... Isn't that weird, seeing as I was there few hours ago."

Drexel swallowed. "Burnt to the ground?"


Drexel's brows furrowed a little, it was apparent that he was in deep thoughts, but when he noticed me staring, he shrugged it off. "That is not our concern Aubrey, the most important thing is that you're safe. I think we should drink to that. You look like you need a drink." He said, moving to his fridge.

"How are you not finding this strange?" I gave him a quizzical look.

"I am, I'm finding it strange but I'm choosing not to let it bother me, I think you should do the same." He simply said, avoiding my eyes.

He knew something.

"Drex, why are you lying to me?" I asked him.

He turned to look at me with wide eyes.

"I'm not lying to you- why would you think I am? Like I told you, I came out this morning, I wanted to report to the police but then I saw you sprawled Infront of the house, I took you in and viola! We're sitting down here talking about it. There's nothing more to that." He said.

"But-" I stopped when my phone vibrated.

I picked it up to see that it was a text from Jullie, Tyler's sister.

It was actually about the function I got invited to, she sent me the address to the Bresfort Mansion, Time, and dress code, turns out today was the function and I promised Alicia that I would attend it.

I stood up. "We'll continue this later Drex, I have somewhere to go."

He raised his brow. "Where?"

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