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M.A.T.U.R.E  C.O.N.T.E.N.T.

If you're gonna continue... You may continue...

Aubrey's pov

Placing me gently on his bed,

His bright green eyes studied my face, like he was looking for some hidden answers to questions dancing in his brain.

"What?" I asked him.

"It's nothing- I just- I don't just want to 50 shades of grey you," He smiled. "I want to make love to you, the right way."

I scrunched my brows. "I don't care how you do it Tyler, just do it."

Within seconds, his lips met mine, he moved his lips in a professional way, making my insides go very warm, making my heart jam so hard in my ribcage, I felt the rush of pleasure.

Aubrey, he's not even using tongue yet?

My hands found its way to his hair, I pulled him closer with a small push, begging him silently to deepen his delicious kisses.

And just like a fulfillment to my wishes, he started his professional French kissing scheme, making me moan, my hand found its way to his shirt, trying to pull it over his head.

He paused. "What's the hurry?" He smirked.

"Just take it off." I said,so impatient, I just realized how much I missed him, how much I missed our intimacy... Why did I even stay away for so long?

"Alright Gray." He pulled his shirt off his body in a swift movement, exposing his defined muscular body, his well sculptured abs, his eyes caught the eye raping look on my eyes.

"I think this is the part where you use the stupid line. Like what you see?" I said, a slow smile forming on my lips as I moved up so my lips could graze his neck.

"Well, I think we're way pass that... I already know you do, so what's the point in asking?" Tyler said as he pulled me to face him, claiming my lips again.

This time, his kiss was more rough and it turned me on, he began to unzip my gown, his lips trailing kisses all through the sensitive part on my neck.

In a swift movement, my gown was out of my body and I was left with only my bra and panties.

This is happening, this is really happening, there's no going back Aubrey.

My mind screamed at me, I honestly felt like an hypocrite, few days ago, I made a vow to never let Tyler Bresfort this close to me, and now here I am, begging him to fuck me.

Tyler unhooked my bra and grabbed one of my breast, giving it a gentle circular squeeze, I felt goose bumps of pleasure all over my skin.

It still surprises me till date that Tyler was the only man who could affect me like this, who could make me feel and know the different side of pleasure.

Tyler's lips came between my breast, taking one nipple in his mouth and fucking it, it made me shudder with pleasure.

I could feel my middle growing hot with awaiting pleasure, I was growing wet already, and Tyler hasn't even started.

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