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Tyler's pov

Anger, that was all I could see, feel, hear and breathe.

"Here you go." My mom handed me my favorite coffee, the one that only her could make.

We got back from the hospital about an hour ago and I still couldn't phantom the fact that it was all a prank, that they fooled me into coming here! All they wanted was to see me and to distract me from my current mission! What were they thinking?

Didn't they know that this would bring them trouble? That this would make this worse for me and for them?

With the parcel missing, any Mafia could cook up a story in their foolish heads that they have it? Also my throne was on the line, they could get to me by using any one of my family as leverage against me.

What the hell were they thinking?

"Do you think you can buy me over by giving me some stupid coffee?" I glared at my mom as I stood in the very homely familiar kitchen, the one I grew up in, the one I didn't realize I missed until now.

My mom smiled. "It's not just any coffee... It's Mama's coffee, i made it just the way you like it."

I dropped the coffee on the table. "My tastes in things have changed over the past twelve years, so nice try."

"Oh brother, you really haven't changed, have you?" Jullie smirked, knowing fully well that her words were annoying me. She looked so normal now, no more pale skin and the other sick stuff, I wonder how she pulled that off.

"I still don't get it, how did you guys manage to make it look so real?" Aubrey asked, she was busy soaking down my mother's coffee, apparently falling in love with it.

"Oh, it's nothing a little make up couldn't pull off, I'm an aspiring actress, this was just a way of testing myself, and apparently it worked, considering TyTy's mood." Jullie smiled while I groaned at the childhood nickname she used.

"You guys just signed yourselves into a death contract! Do you know how many mafias would be out for your heads?" I voiced out.

"Calm down, Tyler... Stop exaggerating." Aubrey said.

"I'm not, Gray; you of all people know that this is wrong, nothing good is going to come out of this." I said.

Jullie rolled her eyes."why are you calling her Gray? This is the second time you've done that." Jullie asked, raising a brow and waiting for an answer.

"It's none of your business." I simply said.

Aubrey turned to face me with a frown on her face. "Why don't you just tell her?" She said.

I really needed to avoid this conversation, and the only way to do that was to drink up mom's coffee, avoiding everyone's stare while I was at it.

"Fine, if you won't tell them, I will." Aubrey said.

I wondered what she wanted to tell them? Did she know the real reason why I called her Gray? Did she know that it was because of her alluring gray eyes? If she did, then how did she find out?

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