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Tyler's POV

My fingers moved round the tip of the coffee cup as my mind went off to different places.

I was currently in a nearby coffee shop, called coffee with Vino. I loved their coffee here, it was strong and it tasted really good.

I was actually waiting for detective Davy Jones, I called him earlier today, asking him to meet up in this coffee shop, just like old times.

I wasn't able to go to the hospital to see my mom and Jullie, due to the fact that I knew Alessandro's men were following me, they wanted to confirm if I really had close contact with my family.

I have never been so confused in my entire life, I wanted to go see Jullie, but I couldn't, there was no one to tell my problems to, no one to give me advice... I had no one.

Sometimes I just wondered how my life would have been if I pursued my dream, if I became a cop. I would have a family, kids.. I'd call my mom anytime without fear of putting her life in danger.

I would drop my kids off at school, I would have a wife to come home to.

I would not have to worry about putting Grey in danger.

Thinking of Grey, I have to get her out of that prison, if she had been here, I would have figured out a solution to my current problem.

I don't want my sister to die, and she has to see me, if she doesn't, she wouldn't go on with the treatment.

Jullie was stubborn like that, she and I were like 5 and 6, before I followed my father's footsteps, we did everything together, I gave her advice when she needed one, I spent quality time with her and I stopped boys from even looking at her twice.

But ever since I became a Mafia, I withdrew myself from my family, to keep them safe, the thought of anyone of them getting hurt was terrifying.

Now, Grey has been added to that list, now I regret ever sending her on such a life risky mission, I was really senseless then, how could I have been so heartless to do such a thing.

It was funny, the only thing that made me realize my true feelings for Grey was her teary voice.

Ed was right. People fall in love in mysterious ways.

Wait, I love Grey? If it wasn't love, then what the hell was this new crazy feeling I get in my chest when I think of her?

This is indeed crazy, I can't put her life in danger by loving her, I have so many enemies, here in Vino and in other places too.

If they have the slightest idea that I had people I care about, they would attack me by using them.

The thought of that was just nerve wrecking!

The sound of the coffee shop door opening, brought me back to my senses.

I looked up to see a very familiar face, but it was more matured than the last time I saw it.

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