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Aubrey's pov

     "South side of Vino... That's where the Hawks are, yeah- I'll gather couple of my men, to go check it out... Yes sir- I'll appreciate. Yeah." Davy finally dropped his phone, turning to face me. "We have all the support we need... Now, we just have to go there."

Relief settled deep in my stomach. "That's great- when are we going?"

Davy's brows came together. "We?" He asked.

"Yes, I hope you know that I'm coming with, I want to go too." I said.

Davy shock his head several times. "No, no, I won't let that happen, you can't come with us. It's too dangerous."

   Dangerous? Yes, it might be dangerous, but I'm not ready to sit back and let the police do everything, I want to be the one to find Tyler's body...

I don't know why I'm trying to work myself out this much, but I was quite sure that it lessened the feeling of intense pain whenever anyone mentions Tyler's name... There was absolutely no word to describe how broken I was feeling... I don't really care how dangerous this could get, all I wanted was to see the Hawks buried, once and for all and maybe get Tyler's body while I'm at that.

God knows I wasn't ready to see him motionless.

"I want to do this Davy, I want to do it for Tyler, I just want him to know that I did something to avenge his murderers. Don't take that opportunity from me." I tried to convince him.

"I know, look- I understand your point of view, I can totally relate... I tried to do the same thing when Alessandro murdered someone I cared about, but I realized that patience and time would solve everything-"

"And yet here you are... Alessandro's still free, ready to kill again and again until he gets killed... Patience and time will only slow us down... Let's work on the now, I want to work on the now... Please Davy- I really want to do this."

Davy looked to be considering my request. "Tyler would never forgive me if something happens to you."

"Tyler would understand.”

Sighing, Davy picked up his gun and slid it into his holster. "Okay, I'll let you come. But on one condition."


"You'll stay in the car and wait."

I gave a small nod. "As long as I'm there." Was all I said as I followed him out of his office.

As long as I'm there, I'd not sit inside the car like a princess, I'll go inside the building and help in anyway I can.


Tyler's pov

      He's crazy, this man sitting right in front of me, is a nut case, he was not even close to what my father was. This one looked greed driven, his greed filled eyes irritated me to the core... But I knew there was only one way out of this place- I had to play along.

Arguing with this crazy man would never ever be an option, so agreeing with him will only allow me to catch him off guard, even if it takes the whole year- I'll do anything I can to stop him from carrying on with his stupid plans.

I'd do anything to make sure that I don't end up dead, I'll do anything to see Aubrey again- if I decided to show weakness, my dead would send people to kill her, just to make sure I don't have anything I'm attached to. I couldn't let that happen, so this was the only way I could think of.

   "Do you have any plans laid out in case things go sideways?" I asked him, hearing my own voice echo through the big white painted office, as I drank the black coffee he prepared.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I do... But I'm pretty sure I'd never use it, as long as I have you on my side."

"Yeah... You definitely have me on your side... But I really need to know what your back up plan is." So I can destroy it before your first plan begins.

He bent to take out a remote like device with a red button in the middle. "This is my back up plan."

   Ok, he's definitely crazy. "A remote?"

"Not just any remote." He smirked. "If this red button goes down, every single Mafia in Vino and other states, would know of the parcel and the key- they'll know the true worth of it. Now tell me, what Mafia would skip the opportunity to have control over a whole state... Especially one like Vino da Vinci."

My eyes widened. "That's your backup plan?"

"Yes, why?"

"It sounds like you're trying to start up a goddam Mafia apocalypse... Doesn't sound good, but- it sure as hell would feel good." When I destroy that remote and you along with it.

"I knew you would like it." Alfonso grinned.

   I have to think of something, I can't do this on my own, they are too many, if I can just have a little bit of back up right now, then this will be all over-

Bang bang bang!

The sounds of gunshots everywhere, made Alfonso and I at alert.

"What in hell!" Alfonso yelled, moving to his windows. "Shit! What the fuck! How did they find us?"


My eyes skimmed around the table. "Who? What's going on?" I said, grabbing his gun from the table.

"The cops... The damn cops are here!”

Oh, God bless your soul Davy.

"Well, if that isn't a good timing." I said, cocking the gun and pointing it at him.

His shoulders tensed up immediately, as he turned slowly to my direction.

"What are you doing Tyler?" He asked me with caution.

A sly smirk pulled at my lips, "Well, what can I say? I guess it's time for the take over."


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