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Aubrey's pov

This is so not happening.

    My mind screamed as I stood in front of Drexel's door, scared to open it. I didn't know what to expect.

My mom didn't inform me of her visit, she usually does but now, I don't know what changed, why did she come anyways? Did something happen? Are my sisters okay?

   If they weren't, they would have called, so why was my mom here?

Oh my god!!!

I began to panic; what if she knew? What if she heard about my arrest, or kidnap? What if she has come to take me away from Vino? Does she know about Tyler?

Just go in!

I pulled the door open and walked in, I could hear voices coming from Drexel's kitchen... With a unsteady heart, I walked to the kitchen...

I saw my mom and Drexel, chatting, but when they saw me, they looked up.

"Hi mom." I said, not knowing what to do.

"Aubrey." My mom's soft voice sent chills to my skin, it's not like I fear her or something, it's just that, I missed her and I felt so guilty for not finding enough time to call or visit her.

She stood up from the stool she had been sitting on and moved to embrace me in a warm hug.

"I missed you honey." My mom whispered.

Hugging her back, I took in the familiar scent of her perfume. "I missed you too mom..." I broke the hug. "How did you know I was staying at Drexel's?"

"The same way I knew about your arrest." She let out.

My heart skipped a beat. "What?" I turned to glare at Drexel, his eyes widened.

"I didn't tell her anything!" He said.

My mom chuckled. "He's telling the truth Honey."

"So, how did you know?" I asked her, dropping my purse on Drexel's kitchen table.

"Words travel fast- I wanted to come as soon as I heard, but then I heard you were released. Now, you're going to tell me all about this Tyler guy, what he does, who he his, he's family background-"

"Mom, mom- slow down, how did you come to know about Tyler?" I eyed her suspiciously...

How did my mom know so much stuff about me? Did she ask someone to watch me?

My mom sighed and pulled me to Drexel's sitting room, we sat side by side as I waited for her answer to my question.

"You see, after your father left, and when you decided to settle in Vino, I asked some of his closest friends to watch you- they didn't give me any detailed information about you- they just informed me about your whereabouts and all... Alfonso was a dirty man, he had big plans-"

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