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This is the last chapter of this book! And I'm glad that I got to complete this amazing book! It's been a long ride and I want to appreciate you all for following me all the way through this book! It means so much to me! Thanks BEAUTIES!

You may awesomely continue...

Aubrey's pov

  It wasn't a dream.

He was here, Tyler goddam Bresfort was standing right Infront of me with a gun pointed to my head, he was right here and it feels like time stopped.

Everyone thought he was dead, everyone believed that Tyler finally had a taste of his own medicine... But no... Here he is, staring at me like he was seeing me for the freaking first time...

He dropped his gun slowly.

I took few steps closer to him, unable to control myself, tears made their way to my eyes, blurring my vision... I lightly pushed his chest, just to be sure.

"Seriously? You believed?" He finally said...

I looked back up at him, shaking my head without control. "No. I didn't. I swear I didn't."

His lips cracked up a little, pulling me to his chest... This wasn't a dream, Tyler was here, alive, holding me... "I missed you." He whispered to my neck.

"I missed you too... Is that-” my eyes were glued to the dead man behind him as I pulled away.

"Yeah, he's really dead this time..." He muttered.

My eyes met his again. "I'm sorry-"

"What?” he furrowed his brows. "There's nothing to be sorry about... He had it coming..."

"I know how much you-”

"Can we not talk about my dead father?" He pulled me closer. "I'm sorry for leaving- wait a minute- h-how are you here?" He asked, looking at me cautiously.

So far, the authorities have taken over the area, arresting those that couldn't escape on time... Davy had a lot of support and I have him to thank for all this.

"We brought In the shooter... He told us where to find the Hawks- Davy and his men brought extra company- and here we are, handling everything." I told him.

"Davy allowed you to come here?" His face grew stronger.

"Yeah- and before you kill him, you should know that I insisted... I wanted to be here Tyler... I needed to be here, you have no idea how damaged I was these past few days- hearing about-"

"Suhhh- I'm fine- I was never dead- they wanted me to join them."

I sighed. "Well, there's no them anymore... We've taken control of everything- the Hawks are gone for good this time." I said.

Something flashed through his eyes but it was gone too soon for me to decipher it.

"Come on, let's get out of here." He said, pulling me along with him.

Something was definitely off about his mood, he knows something that he isn't willing to tell, but I won't push him into telling me... He'll tell me when he wants to.

Things between Tyler and I have changed... I knew he wouldn't keep quiet about his findings and something in me knows that whatever it was, it wouldn't be pleasant to my hearing.

Getting out of the building, he turned to face me, stopping half way out. "I love you Aubrey." He blurted out.

"I love you too." I replied, giving him the look that spelt. 'what's wrong?'

"I wanna leave.” he finally said.

My heart skipped a beat, not understanding what he was saying but that leave word, made my heart run like hell.

"What?" I asked.

"I want to leave all this, I want to be with you... All these years fighting for something that isn't actually worth anything, blinded me... I want it all gone... No more parcel finding, no more killing for no apparent reason... I just want it all gone... I've finally found my freedom... And she's standing right in front of me. I'm not saying I'm going to quit the mafia world, I'm just not going to be a Mafia in the wrong way... I'll make a change, and I'll do it for you... Only you." He said.

I just stood there, staring at him, mentally punching my face to get out of this dream... But it wasn't a dream... It was reality... Tyler was really here, with me and he is really saying these things! To me.

"The parcel-" I found myself saying.

"Is not our problem anymore... The parcel is a danger to Vino, a danger to everyone... And if I find it... When I find it, I'll destroy it."

"What's really going on Tyler?" I asked him.

"Something big.... Bigger than the both of us... Something that can destroy every single soul in Vino... But trust me... As long as Max and I are still alive? We won't let their plans fall in place... We'll find the parcel and we'll end this madness."

"Who's their? What's going on? We stopped the Hawks-”

"No... We didn't stop the Hawks..  we just created war. They're more of them out there... They're thousands of them out there... But I promise... We'll stop them... We'll stop them and put an end to all this."

I was scared... No doubt... The Hawks are still out there? Thousands of them?

Here I was thinking it was all over, it was only the beginning! We're screwed... We're all fucking screwed.

Big time.


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