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Aubrey's pov


The sound of Alicia's voice made me raise my head up, I knew my eyes were red and puffy now, due to so much crying and praying.

Ever since Tyler was taken into the ICU, I had been praying for him to get better, I didn't want anything bad to happen to him, I wondered why he didn't tell me anything... No wonder he looked so pale.

This was all my fault, I should have asked Tyler more about his appearance! I should have stayed, I should have paid more attention to him.

"Alicia." I said, standing up and embracing her in a warm tight hug.

"It's going to be okay." Alicia said, breaking the hug and pulling me down to sit beside her, "What happened?"

I sniffed. "I don't know, I just came over to his mansion earlier and found him like that, he looked so dead." I found myself saying.

Alicia stroked my hair. "Are the doctors saying anything?"

"Yeah- they said he was shot straight to his lower abdomen, they said something about performing intense surgery- I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying... I'm really scared Alicia- what if he doesn't-"

"No, don't say that... It's just a minor situation, trust me, everything would be fine." Alicia assured me.

"I knew something bad would happen to him, I warned him."

"What are you talking about?"

"Alessandro did this to him. He wanted to get the parcel... I warned Tyler, I told him that it wasn't a good idea.. I told him, but he didn't listen to me... Now, here we are." I said, raking my hands through my hair.

"He went to see Alessandro?" Alicia asked.


Alicia's face fell a little, I knew something was up, but i wasn't in the mood to get another bad news, so I bothered not to ask.

"Aubrey Chandler?"

I looked up at the doctor in front of me... I stood up immediately. "Yes, that's me... Um- how's he doing?"

"He's stable."

I let out a breath of relief. "Thank you so much Doc."

"It's my job- besides, he should thank you, if you hadn't bring him in sooner, it would have been a different story." The doctor said and gave a small nod to Alicia and I before assuring us that we could go in and see him.


Tyler's pov

"He's moving."

The voice of someone who I knew as my mother, resounded like faint echoes in my head. I felt my fingers move and slowly, my eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the light in the strange room.

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