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Tyler's pov

     The hug my dad was giving me right now, was an uncomfortable one, my mind was swimming with unanswered questions, how come is he still alive? All these years he has been away from the family- he was alive? How is that even possible?

How is it possible that you're also alive.

My dad broke the hug. "Come with me slugger, I can see that you have questions to ask, I'll answer everyone of them... But not Infront of these dead men." He smirked.

I just gave him a blank look... So they were taking orders from him? He is the leader of the Hawks? What kind of betrayal is this.

I wouldn't have followed him, but I had so many questions that needed answers so I followed him to what looked like an office.

"What is all this? How come are you-"

"Alive?" He gave a rich chuckle... "Same way you are, slugger."

"Explain... Cause last I remember, I was shot three times to the chest.” I said, my voice came out harder than I expected, but my dad didn't look fazed by it.

"Lethal injection made into bullets, mixed with a sharp heart waker- puts you to a dead as hell sleep for over 24 hours, enough for you to be moved to anywhere in the world... Worked for me, worked for you." He said.


"Depends on what you're asking, why what?"

"Why everything dad, why did you fake your own death? And why did you fake mine?"

  Alfonso sighed... "I had men watching your every move Tyler... The moment you let Alessandro have the parcel, I started planning your fake death... Why did you do that? I never thought a woman would make you give of the parcel to Alessandro."

"That woman is my wife-"

"Exactly, your weakness... I had to get you away from her so we can get you back on track, this is more important than you know it."

I ran a hand through my hair. "So, that's why you left mom? Jullie? Max? Cause they're your weakness?"

"No... I don't have a weakness Tyler... You should know better than to have one... I left because it was time to start planning the take over."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked him.

   "You see son...That parcel is very important to this mission."

"What mission? Why are you working with the Hawks? Wait- let me rephrase that; why are you the leader of the Hawks... You were the one who ended their reign... Why the hell are you rebuilding it?"

"Because there's a bigger picture we're not looking at... Fine, I wanted nothing but to destroy the Hawks, but then I opened my eyes to a brighter future, I'm doing this for you son... For Alicia, Jullie, Max.... We could rule the whole of Vino if we want to... Don't you see it?"

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