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Aubrey's pov

     Living with Tyler was one of the best decisions I had made so far, it was amazing, he was so kind and sweet to me, he never failed to remind me that he loved me, sometimes if he's out, he would just call to tell me that he loved me.

I found it sweet and funny, this Tyler was different from the one I knew, the one who was so obsessed with the parcel.

  Alicia was the happiest, she loved the fact that Tyler took his time to visit once in a while, she was like a mother to me during these past few days, Jullie was just Jullie, thanking me for bringing her brother back to them.

Max, well... For some reason, he was obsessed with guns and he actually didn't like the fact that Tyler had given up on the parcel.

   Everything looked to be going on okay, everyone was happy.

But there was something else, something that kept me awake most of the nights.

The key.

The one that was dropped Infront of my mom's house, the one that I still kept with me, I was scared to give it to Tyler, the key looked really important, I didn't want Tyler to worry about that. And also the fact that Max's name was written on it.

   The truth was, I was selfish- yes, I admit it... I don't ever plan on giving Tyler the key, I was pretty sure it was connected to the parcel and If I eventually give it to him, he would go back in search for it.

I don't want him to get drawn into that mess.

So for now, I'll be holding on to it.

I do hope this won't come back to bite me In the ass.

"Where are we gonna put this?" Richie asked me, holding a box of Tyler's favorite wine.

"Oh, just drop it in the kitchen..."

"OK," Richie said, making his way to the kitchen.

"Where's Tyler? Did he go out?" I asked Richie.

I woke up to find Tyler absent in bed beside me, I didn't mind because I was actually busy editing a book, if Tyler were to be around, he would have been a distraction.

But now, it's almost noon and he's not back yet.

"I haven't seen him since morning, I was about to ask you... He missed a meeting today." Richie answered.

  I stopped whatever I was doing and stared at Richie. "Really? Did you try calling him?"

"Yeah, it went straight to voicemail, but that was before I tried texting him, but he didn't reply."

Okay, I was beginning to get worried now, where the hell could he be?

I picked up my phone.

"Maybe I should try calling him-"

"Aubrey!!!" I jumped when I heard Tyler call out my name.

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