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Aubrey's pov

     My fingers moved round the tip of the coffee cup as my mind went off to different places.

I was currently in a nearby coffee shop, called coffee with Vino, I loved their coffee here, it was strong and it tasted really good.

I was actually waiting for detective Davy Jones, I called him earlier today, asking him to meet up in this coffee shop... I had a lot to discuss with him.

Ever since Bobby told me that he was part of Alessandro's crew, I couldn't help but confirm the truth.

    It's been almost a week since I last saw Tyler, and trust me, I was regretting my decision, I miss him so much... I thought staying away from him would help me reduce the pain of heart break, but the more I stay away, the more I feel this crazy heart ache.

So, that's why I'm determined to make things right between the both of us, I needed to know the kind of relationship we had.

"Miss Chandler?" I looked up immediately, and there stood Davy.

"Detective Davy. Please, sit." I said to him, my voice was all serious.

He frowned a little, taking his seat opposite me. "I must say, I was shocked when I got your message."

"Yeah, I know." I said.

"So, why did you call? Is everything okay?" He asked me.

"No, everything is not okay."

His frown deepened as he motioned for me to continue.

"How well do you know Alessandro?" I asked him.

The expression on his face was that of surprise and realization.

"Why?" He asked

"Answer the question, detective."

He straightened his suit and sat up. "He's a criminal, someone who needs to be stopped." He said.

"Wrong answer."

"What is the meaning of this, Miss Chandler." He sounded harsh now.

"You're working for Alessandro! I happened to find out that you were their inside man here in Vino... How could you?"

He was quiet for sometime before he licked his dry lips and shifted closer. "That was before."

"Oh, so you were indeed a mole."

"I didn't do it intentionally okay? And that was like, a long time ago... Now, I work for the law- Alessandro was part of my past."

"Does Tyler know this?"

"No, and he doesn't have to know... There's nothing between Alessandro and I, and as far as I'm concerned, that is a closed chapter in my life."

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