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This is a sincere thanks to my readers for following me half way through this book... I do hope we make it to the end together... XD

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Aubrey's pov

"You know, I'm beginning to get worried; do you know that, this is like the third time I've gotten myself kidnapped in two months?"

   I continued to chatter on and on, obviously annoying the guard that was sent to watch me, his grip on his gun made his knuckles turn white.

That's right bitches! This is what you get for kidnapping me.

"Trust me, I've been thinking about it since you guys caught me... Oh well, I guess my new years' resolution went down the drain when I came to Vino."

The man still didn't reply, he just looked away.

"Anyhoo, you look quite familiar? I think I've seen you before in a movie- you were like the bad guy, Killing people, raping women, you kidnapped kids.... Although, it was all in a movie... But I'm pretty sure you're capable of all those things, right? It's not that I'm saying you're the movie guy- you're not- obviously, I mean, how can you be in a movie and at the same time-" I sighed. "Let's forget about the movie thing."

I actually didn't know how to finish that conversation.

"So, tell me... How was your first kill? I'm pretty sure it was hard for you, considering the look on your face... I can't seriously imagine what you went through, tell me- does your mother know you're doing this? I'm pretty sure she doesn't.... My mom would freak out if she finds out of this kidnap... I'm pretty sure she has the capability of-" I paused. "I think we should change this mom topic.

   Seeing the look on the guard's face, I knew he was beyond pissed.

"Out of curiosity, was it a male or a female? Your first kill... Well, in my theory, if a male was your first kill, it'd probably be a male that would end your life, but if it was female, well, you'll probably kill a female before you breathe your last."

  It was like a speed of light when the guard came charging towards me, the last thing I saw was the butt of his gun aiming for my head, the last the I felt was the warm liquid dripping from the throbbing area, before everything faded to black.


Few hours later.

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a thunderous headache welcoming me to consciousness.

OK, maybe frustrating the guard wasn't the best of ideas.

I slowly looked around. I was still in the same room, tied to a chair, the guard wasn't in the room with me- but someone else was.

The smell of sugary donuts filled the air, and as funny as it sounds, it smelt really familiar, I heard slow chewing beside me, then my head turned to the direction.


"Bob?" I asked when I took note of the donut possessed police guard that I still thought I delivered donuts to, sitting on a stool with bunch of donut boxes scattered everywhere around him.

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